Toshiba says it created an algorithm that beats quantum computers using standard hardware东芝公司表示,他们创造了一种使用标准硬件击败量子计算机的算法
Women-focused co-working startup The Riveter cuts 5 positions as it aims to grow digital arm面向女性的联合办公初创公司The Riveter为了发展数字技术,削减了5个职位
Boeing says 737 Max will stay grounded until mid-2020波音公司表示,到2020年年中,波音737 Max将一直停飞
Designers give iconic logos a radical makeover设计师对标志性的标识进行了彻底的改造
IBM releases new batch of tools for retailers at NRF 2020IBM将在NRF 2020年为零售商发布新一批工具
Making the Grade: Sora is the solution for K-12 libraries wanting to make a digital transformation迈向成功:Sora是K-12图书馆进行数字化转型的解决方案
Bill Gates’ TerraPower and GE Hitachi team up on proposal to build a new nuclear reactor for research比尔·盖茨的泰拉能源公司和通用日立公司联合提出建造一个新的核反应堆用于研究
After ownership change, Stratolaunch confirms that it’s still working on hypersonic vehicles在所有权变更后,Stratolaunch证实它仍在研发高超音速飞行器
Mitsubishi is in hot water over diesel cheating in Germany, report says报道称,三菱在德国因柴油作弊而陷入困境
Singapore chatbot startup secures pre-series A funding新加坡聊天机器人初创公司Pand.ai获得了A轮融资前期资金
A SoftBank partner described WeWork a ‘very, very good’ business软银的一位合作伙伴形容WeWork的业务“非常非常好”
Singapore startup making cell-based milk secures pre-seed funding新加坡一家生产基于细胞的牛奶的初创企业获得了种子前融资
Samsung Gets New Mobile Boss Just Before It Launches New Phones三星在发布新手机之前迎来了新的移动设备“老大”
Homebound, a Tech-Enabled General Contractor, Raises $35M To Rebuild After Wildfires以技术为基础的承包商初创公司Homebound筹集了3500万美元用于火灾后重建
Xiaomi is spinning off its Poco brand into a new company小米将其智能手机子品牌 POCO分拆为独立公司