Capitola named one of nation’s most unspoiled vacation spots卡皮托拉被评为全国最未遭破坏的度假胜地之一
‘Cell tower in space’ start-up raises funds for 2G and 4G nanosatellites“太空中的细胞塔”初创企业为2G和4G纳米卫星筹集资金
Onecom secures £100m in funding永康公司获得了1亿英镑的资金
Telefónica selected by Havas for global cybersecurityHavas为全球网络安全选定的Telefónica
Telecom Egypt and Etisalat Misr partner on fixed voice and bitstream services埃及电信和Etisalat Misr关于固定语音和串行服务的合作伙伴
Wobbles in Britain’s housing market may augur something worse英国房地产市场的震荡可能预示着更糟糕的事情
Walmart Executive Shake Up: Retailer Moves To Integrate Its Store And Digital Teams沃尔玛高管震荡:零售商将店铺和数字团队整合起来
UK households remain cautious on economic outlook, discretionary income and debt levels英国家庭对经济前景、自由裁量收入和债务水平仍然持谨慎态度
49ers camp preview: Five areas that demand answers49人营地预览:5个区域需要答案
3 Ways United Airlines Is Taking A Different Path联合航空公司走另一条道路