Seattle tech workers earn $279K/year on average, more than double the wages in every other sector西雅图科技工作者的平均年薪为279万美元,是其他行业的两倍多
This Harvard-incubated fintech startup by husband-wife duo gives loans to schools and teachers这家由夫妻二人创办并于哈佛孵化的金融科技创业公司为学校和教师提供贷款
A top Oracle exec says Google is ‘virtually alone’ in its Supreme Court battle over Java, downplaying IBM and Microsoft’s support for its tech rival甲骨文一位高管说,在围绕Java的最高法院诉讼战中,谷歌几乎是孤军奋战,对IBM和微软对其科技竞争对手的支持一带而过
Developing chipsets in-house would make Oppo the last of the five biggest smartphone vendors to break its reliance on Qualcomm摆脱高通控制?又一国产手机厂商打算自研芯片
Tesla Jailbreaking: How to Combat Software Updates That Are Removing Car Features特斯拉破解:如何对抗删除汽车功能的软件更新
Microsoft to spend $1.1B in Mexico on digital access programs未来五年,微软将在墨西哥投资11亿美元数字技术项目