How to export an Audacity file as an MP3 in any version of the audio-editing app如何导出Audacity文件作为MP3在任何版本的音频编辑应用程序
‘Can you clear the cache on a Roku?’: No, but here’s how to resolve playback issues“你能清理Roku上的缓存吗?”教你如何解决回放问题
How to turn off the password on an iPhone, which disables both the passcode and Face ID如何关闭iPhone上的密码,从而禁用密码和Face ID
What the switch to ARM for Mac means for Apple, Intel, and developersMac改用ARM对苹果、英特尔和开发商意味着什么?
How to block spam emails on Yahoo by blocking specific email addresses如何通过屏蔽特定的电子邮件地址来阻止雅虎上的垃圾邮件
A customer is suing Apple for $1 trillion over claims that the company stole his iPhone after he brought it in for a repair一名顾客因声称苹果公司偷了他的iPhone而向顾客起诉,要求其赔偿1万亿美元
Judge rules that bankrupt car-rental giant Hertz can move forward with its plan to sell $1 billion worth of new stock法官裁定,破产的汽车租赁巨头Hertz可以推进其出售价值10亿美元新股的计划
How to turn off Microsoft Outlook desktop notifications and reduce distractions while working如何在工作时关闭微软Outlook桌面通知,减少干扰
How to archive emails in Microsoft Outlook and declutter your inbox如何在微软Outlook中归档电子邮件,并清理你的收件箱
How to forward email from a Yahoo Mail account to Gmail or other email services如何将雅虎邮件账户中的邮件转发给Gmail或其他电子邮件服务
‘How many profiles does Disney Plus allow?’: What you need to know about the number of Disney Plus profiles you can create, and how to add or customize them“Disney Plus允许添加多少个配置文件?”教你如何创建、添加和定制Disney Plus档案
How to use Android Beam, a feature that lets you send content by holding phones close together如何使用AndroidBeam,这个功能能短距离发送数据
Flying taxi startup Lilium just raised $35 million from SpaceX and Spotify backer Baillie Gifford电动飞行出租车初创公司Lilium刚刚从SpaceX和Spotify投资人Baillie Gifford筹集了3500万美元
How to clean the USB-C port on your phone or laptop without damaging the device如何清洁手机或笔记本电脑上的USB-C端口,而不损坏设备
‘Is Thunderbolt the same as USB-C?’: What you need to know about Thunderbolt 3’s high-speed connectivity, in relation to USB-C cables“Thunderbolt与USB-C是否一样?”USB-C和Thunderbolt 3连接线你需要搞懂这些
Motorola’s two newest smartphones offer surprisingly good specs for less than $200, and you can pre-order them right now摩托罗拉推出两款不足200美元的智能手机,现在可预订
‘What is a WPA2 password?’: A guide to WPA2, the safest type of Wi-Fi password you can have“WPA2密码是什么?”你改拥有的最安全的Wi-Fi密码
How to accept a Google Calendar invite on your computer or mobile device如何在你的计算机或移动设备上接受谷歌日程邀请
How to check your edit history on Google Docs in 3 simple steps如何通过3个简单的步骤检查你在谷歌文档上的编辑历史
How to find the IP address of your internet router using a Mac, PC, iPhone, or Android如何通过Mac、PC、iPhone或Android找到互联网路由器的IP地址
How to share your Outlook calendar with others to coordinate events, meetings, and more如何与他人分享你的展望日历以协调活动、会议和更多
How to change the default font in Outlook to the one you prefer如何更改Outlook中的默认字体
How to export contacts from Outlook to backup your contact information, or add it to other programs如何从Outlook导出联系人以备份联系人信息,或将其添加到其他程序中
You can’t speed up Audible on a Mac, but you can on a mobile device — here’s how你不能在Mac电脑上加快音频,但在手机设备上可以——告诉你怎么做
How to add your LastPass account to Google Authenticator for an added layer of password security如何将LastPass账户添加到谷歌认证器以添加密码安全层
Elon Musk told NASA astronauts’ kids, ‘we’ve done everything we can to make sure your dads come back ok’ ahead of the SpaceX launch马斯克哭了:SpaceX发射成功将是团队功劳,如果出问题就是我的错
Tencent’s $70 billion investment plan in cloud computing will pit it against US providers腾讯将向“新基础设施”投资700亿美元 ,与美国供应商展开竞争
How to watch Apple TV on your iPhone with or without an Apple TV Plus subscription无论你有没有订阅Apple TV+,教你如何在iPhone上观看Apple TV
‘What is Bluetooth?’: A beginner’s guide to the wireless technology“什么是蓝牙?”一个初学者的无线技术指南
How to reset your Netflix account on a connected computer or mobile device如何在连接计算机或移动设备上重置Netflix账号
How to enable your camera on Google Hangouts on a computer or mobile device如何在计算机或移动设备上启用Google Hangouts的照相机
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‘What is BlueJeans?’: Here’s what you need to know about using the video-conferencing service“BlueJeans是什么?”以下是关于使用该款视频会议服务需要了解的信息
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This robotic basketball hoop guarantees a basket every time — here’s how it works这个机器人篮球圈每次都能保证一个篮筐——这就是它的工作原理
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‘Wait for PS5 sales’: Sony remains quiet but confident about the PlayStation 5, even as Microsoft shows off the next-gen Xbox“等待PS5的销售”:尽管微软展示了下一代Xbox,索尼对PlayStation 5仍然保持安静,但充满信心