A family of firsts: Kamala Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff will be the first-ever second gentleman第一家族:卡玛拉·哈里斯(Kamala Harris)的丈夫道格·恩霍夫(Doug Emhoff)将成为首位君子
“BYEEEEEEEEEEE:” DC celebrates Biden’s victory with champagne and a massive block party outside the White House“拜eeeeeee: ” DC用香槟和白宫外面的一个大型街区派对来庆祝拜登的胜利
Barack Obama praised food waste startup Karma as ‘extraordinary’. This is the pitch deck it used to raise $12 million.贝拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)称赞食品浪费初创公司Karma “非凡” 。这是它过去筹集1200万美元的宣传平台。
I tried Michael Jordan’s $130 tequila, and the sweet drink confirmed my distaste for añejo我试过迈克尔·乔丹130美元的茶杯,甜酒证实了我对阿涅霍的厌恶。
Peloton climbs 6% as tripled quarterly sales outweigh delivery issues, prompting a flurry of stock upgradesPeloton股价上涨了6% ,季度销售额增长了两倍,超过了送货问题,引发了一系列股票升级
Aurora Cannabis rockets 94% as projected Biden victory further boosts pot stocks极光大麻飙升94% ,预计拜登的胜利将进一步提振大麻库存
Dow climbs 370 points as likelihood of divided government extends healthcare and tech rallies陶氏攀升370点,因为分裂政府的可能性扩大了医疗和科技领域的集会
Why the stock market is loving the prospect of a divided government为什么股市喜欢分裂政府的前景
Nikola jumps 11% as General Motors confirms partnership talks are ongoing由于通用汽车确认合作谈判仍在进行中,尼古拉上涨了11%
JPMorgan’s Dimon preaches patience — Ex-Coatue MD to launch new fund — Election fallout continues摩根大通的戴蒙宣扬耐心让前Coatue MD启动新的基金重组选举后果继续存在
Wealthify has teamed up with TSB Bank to provide its services to the latter’s customersWealthify与TSB银行合作,向后者的客户提供服务
Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway swings back into action, spending a net $4.8 billion on stocks and a record $9 billion on buybacks in the 3rd quarter沃伦•巴菲特(Warren Buffett)的伯克希尔哈撒韦(伯克希尔哈撒韦)重新开始运作,第三季度在股票上支出净额48亿美元,在回购方面支出创纪录的90亿美元
How to find your screenshots on a Mac and choose where they go by default, so that you never lose track of your pictures如何在Mac上找到你的截图,并选择默认的方向,这样你就永远不会错过你的照片
Facebook and Twitter try to burst their own filter bubbles on election nightFacebook和推特试图在选举之夜打破自己的过滤泡沫
Bank of America shares 12 under-owned stocks likely to soar on earnings this quarter with investing conditions ripe for the picking美国银行(Bank of America)的12只股份不足的股票可能会在本季度的收益上飙升,因为选择股票的投资条件已经成熟
How to deactivate your primary PS4 console from Sony’s website, so you can set a new PS4 as your primary device如何从索尼网站上停用你的一级PS4游戏机,这样你就可以把一款新的PS4作为你的主要设备
New data shows the 10 best UK universities for founders raising their first $1 million after graduating新数据显示,英国10所最好的大学的创始人在毕业后筹集了100万美元
Why US digital-only banks will keep growing in the next 5 years为什么美国数字银行在未来5年内将继续增长
Sacha Baron Cohen donates $100,000 to the duped ‘Borat 2’ babysitter’s community萨查·巴伦·科恩(Sacha Baron Cohen)向被Dued的“ Borat 2 ”保姆社区捐赠了10万美元
Tucker Carlson celebrated getting his vanished documents back, but gave no details of how or why they are ‘damning’ for the Biden campaign塔克·卡尔森(Tucker Carlson)庆祝自己失踪的文件被归还,但没有详细说明这些文件是如何或为什么对拜登竞选团队“有害”的
SoFi has attained preliminary approval from the OCC for a national bank charterSofi已获得业务协调委员会的初步批准,以签订国家银行章程
General Motors surges 9% after it commits $2 billion to build electric vehicles at Tennessee plant通用汽车(General Motors)承诺以20亿美元在田纳西工厂(Tennessee Plant)建造电动车后,股价飙升9%
GM’s revival of the Hummer as an all-electric halo car is a stroke of marketing genius通用汽车恢复了悍马车作为全电动光晕汽车的活力,这是营销天才的一击
The soon-to-be free Quibi free agents on the market for new jobs即将推出的免费Quibi免费经纪人在市场上寻找新工作
‘Expect the recovery in digital ad trends to continue’: Here’s what 4 analysts expect from Alphabet’s 3rd quarter earnings report“预计数字广告趋势的复苏将继续下去” :以下是Alphabet第三季度盈利报告中4位分析师的预期
4 health benefits of sweet potatoes: How they can support eyesight and boost immunity红薯的健康益处:它们如何支持视力和增强免疫力
How to fix a ‘Blue Screen of Death’ on your Windows computer with 7 troubleshooting tips如何用7个排除故障提示修复Windows电脑上的“蓝色死亡屏幕”
How to forward a message on the Signal secure-messaging app如何在信号安全讯息应用上传递信息
How to take a screenshot on a Mac computer in four different ways如何以四种不同的方式在Mac电脑上拍摄截图