谷歌在未来的更新中确认了Pixel 4面部解锁的“睁眼”设置,并提供了解决方案Google confirms ‘eyes open’ setting for Pixel 4 face unlock in future update, offers workaround
Alphabet’s Loon balloons have flown for 1 million hours谷歌的Loon气球飞行了100万小时
Google Nest Hub Max will be available starting September 9谷歌NestHubMax将于9月9日上市
Fast Pair headphone sync appears to be working in Chrome OS 76快速配对耳机同步似乎是在Chrome操作系统76中
Galaxy Watch Active2 apparently replacing the rotating bezel with a touch sensorGalaxy Watch Active2显然用一个触控传感器代替了旋转棱镜
PSA: Some Google Voice users currently aren’t seeing incoming messagesPSA:一些谷歌语音用户目前没有看到收到的消息
Google Assistant tests sending texts directly from the Android lockscreen谷歌助理测试直接从Android锁屏发送短信
Google Pixel XL and Pixel 3a get ‘see-through’ wallpapers courtesy of iFixit谷歌Pixel XL和Pixel3a获得iFixt提供的“浏览”壁纸
Logitech to release K580 multi-device wireless keyboard for Chrome OS罗技为Chrome操作系统发布K580多设备无线键盘
[Update: Adds framerate settings, more] OnePlus 6/6T get Screen recorder, June patch, more in latest OxygenOS OTA[更新:添加帧设置,更多]OnePlus6/6T获取屏幕记录器,6月补丁,更多在最新的OTA中
Microsoft is developing a ‘reveal password’ button for Edge and Google Chrome微软正在为Edge和谷歌Chrome开发一个“泄露密码”按钮
9to5Google Daily 271: Fake Google Pixel 4 leaks, more device renders谷歌每日271:假谷歌像素4泄漏,更多设备渲染
Google Assistant Updates feed adds ‘Resume your podcast’ card谷歌助手更新信息流增加“继续你的播客”卡片
Latest Samsung Galaxy Watch update improves alarms and swim tracking三星Galaxy Watch最新升级警报和游泳跟踪
Google Pixel 3a scores 100 points on DxOMark, just 1 point behind Pixel 3谷歌Pixel3a在DxOMark上拿下100分,仅比Pixel3落后1分
Google Duo 58 preps ‘Portrait’ effect and possibly removing phone number requirement [APK Insight]Google Duo58准备使用“肖像”效果和可能删除电话号码要求[APK Insight]
[Update: Fixed] Google Assistant currently can’t connect to Philips Hue lights[更新:固定]谷歌助理目前无法连接到飞利浦的Hue灯
This week’s top stories: Pixel 4 spotted again, $300 off Pixel 3, AdSense apps killed, more本周头条新闻:Pixel4再次被发现,300美元比Pixel3低,AdSense应用程序被杀害,更多
Google Shopping with personalized homepage live in the U.S.Google购物,个人化的主页在美国.
Google homescreen redesign rolling out to Lenovo Smart Displays谷歌全屏重新设计,推出联想集团智能显示
Here are the 65 new emoji coming with Android Q [Gallery]这里有65个新的表情符号,配有Android Q[Gallery]
How to use Google Assistant on a Samsung Galaxy Watch如何在三星Galaxy Watch上使用谷歌助理
9to5Google Daily 267: Google killing AdSense for mobile later this year《谷歌日报》267:谷歌今年晚些时候为手机杀死AdSense
Wing’s OpenSky app is like Google Maps for flying drones, now available in AustraliaWing’s OpenSky应用类似于Google Maps,用于无人机飞行,目前在澳大利亚有售
Waze now shows toll prices along your route in US and Canada现在Waze显示美国和加拿大沿途的收费价格
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 renders show docking stylus, keyboard accessory三星Galaxy Tab S6渲染器显示对接触笔、键盘附件
[Update: Last Day!] Prime Day 2019 Deal Hub: Google and Assistant smart home tech, phones, more[更新:最后一天!]2019年黄金时段集聚网:谷歌和助理智能家居科技、手机,更多
Google killing AdSense on Android and iOS this year for the web谷歌(Google)今年在Android和iOS上杀死AdSense
Gboard 8.5 preps Assistant integration, adds dark theme for settings, kills GIF camera [APK Insight]Gboard8.5准备辅助集成,为设置添加黑暗主题,杀死GIF相机[APK洞察]
Google explains Chrome Incognito detection loophole, closure impact on publishers谷歌解释Chrome Incognito发现漏洞,封杀对出版商的影响
[Update: Rolling out] Google introduces redesigned News tab for desktop Search[更新:退出]谷歌为桌面搜索引入了重新设计的新闻选项卡
[Update: More themes] Google Chrome adding built-in themes and New Tab Page customization[更新:更多主题]谷歌Chrome添加内置主题和新Tab Page定制
Xiaomi Mi A3 offers up Android One, triple cameras, in-display fingerprint, €249小米集团Mi A3提供Android One、三重摄像头、内显指纹,249
AirTV Mini packs 4K HDR Android TV into a $79 streaming dongleAirTV Mini将4KHDRAndroid电视打包成79美元的流媒体搜索引擎
Prime Day 2019 Deal Hub: Google and Assistant smart home tech, phones, more [Updating]2019年黄金时段枢纽:谷歌和助理智能家居科技,手机,更多[更新]
Google Maps adds real-time bike sharing status in 24 cities谷歌地图增加了24个城市的自行车共享现状
Here’s an early look at Google Assistant ‘Ambient Mode’ [Gallery]以下是谷歌助理“环境模式”的早期展望。
Google kills its Blog Compass blogging tool in less than a year不到一年的时间,谷歌就关闭了博客指南工具
Latest Digital Wellbeing beta connects to Family Link parental controls最新数字健康测试程序连接到家庭链接家长控件
Android Q bringing Google Translate to Recents view in Pixel Launcher [Video]Android Q将谷歌传输到接收器视图Pixel发射[视频]
Amazon’s best-selling dog camera Furbo is $135 (Reg. $250), today only for Prime Day亚马逊最畅销的狗狗摄像机Furbo售价为135美元(250美元),今天仅限Prime Day使用。
Chrome Canary 77 tweaks dark mode on web pages, no longer inverts image colorsChromeCanary77调整了网页上的黑暗模式,不再颠倒图像颜色
9to5Google Daily 266: Google Pixel 4 leaks again on the London Underground谷歌日报266:谷歌Pixel4再次在伦敦地铁上泄露消息
Exclusive: Google Pixel 4 and its distinctive camera bump spotted in pubic again独家:谷歌Pixel4及其独特的摄像头突起再次出现在阴部
Chrome OS ‘Ambient Mode’ could bring Chromecast screensavers to your ChromebookChrome OS‘环境模式’可以把Chromecast屏幕保护程序带到Chromebook
Top 5 Google Prime Day deals谷歌首日交易排行榜前五名
Google adds a neat 8-bit Wimbledon Easter egg game in Search [Video]谷歌在搜索(视频)中添加了一个8位的温布尔登复活节彩蛋游戏。
Google Assistant currently can’t connect to Philips Hue lights, fix is in the works谷歌助理目前无法连接到飞利浦的Hue灯,修复正在工作
Huawei’s EMUI 10.0 could launch as early as next month华为的EMUI10.0可能最早于下月推出
It’s okay for Google to kill your favorite features — in fact, they must谷歌可以杀死你最喜爱的功能——事实上,它们必须如此。