Android Auto gains updated Material Theme icons when navigating in Google Maps在谷歌地图导航时,Android自动获得更新的材料主题图标
Google restoring ‘enter’ password button on Chromebook login screen after user confusion在用户困惑后,谷歌在Chromebook登录屏幕上恢复“输入”密码按钮
Google Photos trash folder now shows when your pictures will be permanently deleted谷歌照片垃圾文件夹现在显示,您的照片将永久删除
Android 11 Beta 1 makes Quick Settings media controls official as developer optionAndroid 11 Beta 1使快速设置媒体正式成为开发者选项
Google Docs Smart Compose and autocorrect coming to G Suite for Education谷歌文档智能撰写和自动纠错添加到G Suite for Education
Android 11 Beta 1 build reveals app suggestions for Pixel Launcher dockAndroid 11 Beta 1版本显示Pixel启动器码头的应用建议
Hulu’s latest TV interface will come to Android TV… eventuallyHulu的最新电视界面将面向Android电视
Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ renders show off familiar design w/ 6.9-inch screen三星Galaxy Note 20+渲染显示熟悉的设计w/6.9英寸屏幕
Musical Google Doodle game celebrates the mbira, Zimbabwe’s national instrument音乐游戏“谷歌涂鸦”(Musical Google Doodle)庆祝津巴布韦国家乐器mbira
LG Stylo 6 goes official w/ 6.8-inch display, built-in stylus, available for $179LG Stylo 6美国发布:配手写笔,6.8寸屏,售价约合179美元
[Update: OnePlus, more join] Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo join forces to make Android file transfers easier小米、Oppo和Vivo联合起来,让Android文件传输更加容易
YouTube Music’s Now Playing UI adds powerful ‘Related’ songs, playlists tabYoutube音乐“现在播放”用户界面增加了“相关”歌曲、播放列表标签
[Update: More users] Gboard tests handy clipboard suggestion so you don’t have to long-pressGboard键盘推出“剪贴板建议”功能:让复制粘贴更轻松
Samsung Galaxy Buds+ debut in ‘Aura Blue’ w/ no fanfare, still $149三星Galaxy Buds+发布Aura Blue 配色,色彩更深邃
Android TV now supports audio streaming in the background for Chromecast appsAndroid电视现在支持Chromecast应用的背景音频流
Google Play Movies & TV for Android tweaks search barAndroid版GooglePlay Movies & TV搜索栏进行了重新设计
Google will let you hide Meet from Gmail’s sidebar on the web谷歌将允许用户在Gmail中隐藏Google Meet
Samsung announces Galaxy S20 ‘Tactical Edition’ w/ military focus, ‘stealth mode’三星Galaxy S20战术版发布:硬核军迷必备
Google Play Movies starts adding films w/ Dolby Vision HDR supportGoogle Play Movies开始增加电影/Dolby Vision HDR
You can sign-up for early access to transfer Play Music to YouTube Music你可以提前注册将Play Music传输到YouTube音乐
Google Discover not loading for some on Android due to sign-in error谷歌发现由于签入错误没有装载一些安卓系统
Google launches ‘Enhanced Safe Browsing’ in Chrome to provide real-time web protections谷歌在Chrome发布“增强安全浏览”,提供实时网络保护
OnePlus 7T gains 960FPS slow-mo video in OxygenOS Open Beta 3 updateOnePlus7T在OxygenOS Open Beta 3更新中实现960FPS慢速调视频
Google ‘smart braid’ experiment uses a headphone cable to control your music谷歌“智能辫子”实验使用耳机线控制你的音乐
Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge gets updated w/ sidebar search, extension sync, moreMicrosoft Edge获得了一些重大更新,包括扩展同步、侧边栏搜索等
OnePlus TV could get a 2020 refresh as new hardware, remote arrive at Bluetooth SIGOnePlus电视作为新硬件有望在2020年更新,远程到达蓝牙SIG
Google Fi starts rolling out eSIM support for existing iOS subscribersGoogleFi开始向现有的iOS用户提供电子SIM支持
Google tests Lens shortcut in Images search bar on Android谷歌在安卓图像搜索栏中测试Lens快捷方式
Google Chrome’s new Tab Groups prepare collapse feature to save spaceGoogle Chrome新推出的Tab Groups准备了折叠功能,以节省空间
Possible first look at Samsung Galaxy Note 20 shows off triple cameras, boxy design三星Galaxy Note 20可能的泄露图显示三摄和方盒子设计
Android TV’s Google Play Movies app may be getting a long overdue redesignAndroid TV的Google Play Movies应用程序可能会进行一次姗姗来迟的重新设计
How to redeem codes for Google Stadia games如何赎回谷歌Stadia游戏的代码
TCL 10L and 10 Pro first impressions: Budget phones to beat?TCL 10L和10 Pro第一印象:廉价手机要出手了?
Rare photos show Larry Page and Steve Jobs at Google in 20072007 年的罕见老照片:乔布斯和谷歌大佬会面
Google Pixel ‘At a Glance’ homescreen widget prepares work profile calendar support谷歌Pixel“一目了然”主屏幕小部件将支持工作配置文件日历
Google Play Store facing partial outage on Android and the web谷歌Play Store在Android和web上面临部分宕机
Google app and Assistant dark themes disappear with latest beta谷歌应用和助手黑暗主题随着最新测试版消失
Google gives Chrome OS a better browser UI for tablets, here’s a quick look谷歌为Chrome OS提供了一个更好的平板电脑用户界面,让我们快速浏览一下
LG Stylo 6 leak shows off gradient color, triple-camera arrayLG Stylo 6泄漏炫耀梯度颜色,三相机阵列
Sony Xperia 10 series gets its Android 10 update w/ March security patch索尼Xperia 10系列3月更新了Android10安全补丁
Xiaomi launches Mi 10, new earbuds, Mi Box 4K w/ Android TV in India小米在印度推出小米10、新款耳机、小米机4K安卓电视机顶盒
AirTV Mini Review: Android TV sweetens the deal on a Sling-focused streamerAirTV迷你评论:安卓电视为专注 Sling的主播带来了棒的设备
YouTube rolls out new video page with minimized comments, large thumbnails on Android, iOSYouTube在Android和iOS上推出了带有最小化评论、大缩略图的新视频页面