Here’s how Apple’s new Car Key feature works and when you’ll be able to use it以下是苹果的新Car Key关键功能是如何工作的,以及你什么时候可以使用它
Hands-on with iOS 14’s Sound Recognition feature that listens for doorbells, smoke alarms, more实践iOS 14的“声音识别功能”可以倾听门铃、烟雾报警器等等
iOS 14: How to do Picture in Picture video multitasking on iPhoneiOS 14:如何在iPhone上启用多应用画中画分屏功能
Concept shows how Apple could create a ‘glassOS’ based on the iOS 14 interface概念展示苹果如何能够基于iOS 14接口创建一个“glassOS”系统
‘Path to Apple Card’ program helps customers who have been declined, here’s how it works苹果推“Path to Apple Card ”计划 帮助被拒绝的申请人获得批准
WWDC 2020: What’s new with Apple device management?WWWDC 2020:苹果设备管理有什么新进展?
macOS 11 Big Sur brings back startup chime, battery life time remaining estimatesMacOS 11 Big Sur重启经典开机声音、剩余电量预估等功能
iOS 14 tidbits: Back Tap controls, Home screen settings, Photos privacy controlsiOS 14 报导:Back Tap控件, Home屏幕设置, Photos隐私控制
iOS 14 features new non-intrusive incoming phone call notification UIiOS 14采用新的非侵入式来电通知用户界面
iOS 14 includes new light and dark mode wallpapers, download them for your iPhone hereiOS 14包括新的亮模式和暗模式壁纸,教您怎么下载道您的iPhone上
Here’s how to use the new iPhone home screen widgets in iOS 14以下是iOS 14中新的iPhone主屏幕小部件的使用方法
iOS 14: Apple keyboard finally adds emoji searchiOS 14:苹果键盘终于加入表情搜索
HomeKit Weekly: Eve Button is a low tech way to control HomeKitEve Button是控制HomeKit的低技术手段
Logic Pro X 10.5: Apple’s intelligent new flagship Sampler dethrones a legendLogic Pro X 10.5:苹果智能的新旗舰“采样器 ”是一个传奇
Video tests MacBook Air thermal and CPU performance with improved cooling design对采用改进的冷却设计的MacBook Air 散热和CPU的性能测试
Making the Grade: MacBook Air is the ideal solution for K-12 deployments提升级别:MacBook Air是K-12部署的理想解决方案
Initial tests shows impressive performance gains with new 5600M AMD GPU in 16-inch MacBook Pro初步测试显示,在16英寸MacBook Pro借助AMD Radeon Pro 5600M取得了令人印象深刻的性能