Apple seeds macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 Release Candidate ahead of Apple Silicon event苹果种子macOS Big Sur 11.10 . 1在苹果硅活动之前发布候选人
How to update to iOS 14.2 to get over 100 new emoji on iPhone如何更新iOS 14.2 ,在iPhone上获得100多个新表情符号
iPhone 12 MagSafe Leather Wallet starts shipping to early customersiPhone 12 Magsafe皮革钱包开始向早期客户发货
Stacktrace Podcast 107: “Context is key”Stacktrace播客107 :翻拍背景是关键的翻拍
macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 includes even more new wallpapers, download them heremacOS Big Sur 11.10 . 1包括更多的新墙纸,在这里下载
iFixit finds iPhone 12 camera repair impossible without proprietary Apple tooliFixit发现,没有专利的苹果工具, iPhone 12相机就不可能修理
New report highlights the ‘eroding’ relationship between Apple and Foxconn最新报道强调,苹果与富士康的合作关系正在恶化
PSA: What to do if 5G isn’t working on your iPhone 12PSA :如果5G无法在你的iPhone 12上运行,该怎么办
iPhone 12: How to shoot Night mode selfies with the front-facing TrueDepth cameraiPhone 12 :如何拍摄夜间模式自拍与前脸真深相机
Raptic Shield iPhone 12 cases bring 10-ft. drop protection, clear back, more [Deal]Raptic Shield iPhone 12的外壳带来了10英尺的保护,清除了,更多[交易]
Apple Stores highlight iPhone 12 MagSafe accessories with interactive displays苹果商店用互动显示器展示iPhone 12 Magsafe配件
iPhone 11 vs. iPhone 12: Which should you buy?iPhone 11和iPhone 12 :你应该买什么?
Apple Music TV launches as MTV-style 24-hour music video stream苹果音乐电视作为MTV风格的24小时音乐视频流推出
Stacktrace Podcast 106: “Do you buy your HomePods in bulk?”Stacktrace播客106 : Compendes你成批购买你的家吗?
[Update: New features] Widgetsmith brings ultra-customizable widgets to your iOS 14 home screen[更新:新功能] Widgetsmith为你的iOS 14家庭屏幕带来了超定制的小块
iPhone 12 supports 2x faster wireless charging, but only with MagSafe accessoriesiPhone 12支持速度为2倍的无线充电,但只有在配备了MagSafe配件的情况下才能实现
Apple’s leather iPhone 12 cases coming in Nov, power adapter not included with MagSafe charger苹果皮制iPhone12例将于11月上市,电源适配器不包括MagSafe充电器
Save 30% on USB-C hubs for MacBook Pro/Air and iPad Pro/Air with Hyper’s Prime Day sale将MacBook Pro/Air和iPad Pro/Air与Hyper的首日销售在USB-C中心节省30%
Today at Apple comes to India with online photography and music sessions今天,苹果通过在线摄影和音乐课程来到印度
Apple announces iPhone 12 Pro with premium design, new pacific blue color, more苹果宣布iPhone12Pro,具有高级设计,新的太平洋蓝色颜色,更多
Office tour — VertDesk standing desk, 16” MacBook Pro, favorite Mac apps, more办公室参观——VertDesk站台,16”MacBook Pro,最喜欢的Mac应用,更多
Apple revives MagSafe brand with new iPhone 12 wireless chargers, cases, more苹果通过新款iPhone 12无线充电器、外壳、更多手机更新MagSafe品牌
iPhone 12 does not come with power charger or earbuds in the boxiPhone 12盒里没有电源充电器或耳机