Ed Sheeran’s personal belongings and other memorabilia raise $890k for charity埃德·希兰(Ed Sheeran)的个人物品和其他纪念品筹集了890万美元的慈善资金
Man arrested after allegedly punching, slashing Certis officers with sickle at Sembawang一名男子在Sembawang被指控拳打脚踢后被逮捕,他用镰状撞倒了调节官
M1 unveils iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max price plansM1推出iPhone 12 Mini和iPhone 12 Pro Max的价格计划
Apple One now available in Singapore and rest of Southeast Asia苹果One现在可以在新加坡和东南亚其他地区使用
Rebecca Lim stars in new drama with ‘good friend’ Ian Fang post-scandal, says it wasn’t awkward丽贝卡·林(Rebecca Lim)与“好朋友”伊恩·方(Ian Fang)在丑闻后的新剧中饰演主角,他说这并不尴尬
Never miss a question in Zoom as Otter.ai launches live transcription在Otter . ai推出现场抄录时,永远不要错过Zoom的一个问题。
Rumours say Apple will announce not one but three new MacBooks at next week’s event传闻称,苹果将在下周的活动中宣布不只一本,而是三本新MacBook
Covid-19 pandemic chases more Japanese from cities into countrysideCOVID – 19大流行将更多的日本人从城市带到农村
Apple TV will be available on next-gen Xbox consoles at launch苹果电视将在下一代Xbox主机上发布
MOE postpones use of TraceTogether token in schools until all tokens given out教育部推迟在学校使用示牌,直到所有的托肯都出来
Sharon Au is staying put in Paris despite country’s Covid-19 lockdown and brutal attacks沙龙·乌(Sharon au)将留在巴黎,尽管该国存在COVID – 19封锁和残酷袭击
How to protect your online accounts if you’re affected by the Eatigo and Redmart data breaches如果你受到iatigo和RedMart数据泄露的影响,如何保护你的在线账户
Latest GrabFood promo codes (November 2020)最新的GrabFood Promo代码(2020年11月)
Latest Foodpanda promo codes in Singapore (November 2020)新加坡最新的食品熊猫促销代码(2020年11月)
KFC apologises for screw-up after customer finds loose screw in breakfast肯德基在早餐中发现松弛的尖叫后为尖叫道歉
2 police generals indicted for accepting bribes of $774k from Indonesian convict两名警察将领因收受印尼罪犯的77.4万美元贿赂而被起诉
‘Ridiculous but awesome’: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop brand sells $72k bed“荒谬但可怕” :格温妮丝·帕特洛的Goop品牌售价7200万美元
‘5G can bring back your dead grandmother?’: Internet amused by ghostly visuals on Singtel ad“ 5G可以带回你死去的祖母吗? ” :互联网被Singtel广告上的幽灵视觉放大
Xiaomi overtakes Apple for the first time as the third biggest phone maker小米首次超越苹果,成为全球第三大手机制造商
James Bond legend Sir Sean Connery dies aged 90詹姆斯·邦德传奇肖恩·康纳里爵士去世,享年90岁
‘She’s not around anymore’: Heartbreaking note left at door of woman found dead with baby in Bedok“她已经不在身边了” :在贝多克被发现死于婴儿的女人的家门口留下了令人心碎的音符
Juggling act: Tips for balancing remote work and home life in 2020Juggling Act : 2020年平衡远程工作和家庭生活的技巧
No grooms please, brides only: One-person wedding photography gains popularity in China没有新郎请,只有新娘:单人婚礼摄影在中国越来越受欢迎
5 gadgets for DIY facial treatments, massages & teeth whitening at home家庭DIY面部治疗、按摩和牙齿白的5个设备
5 factors to consider when designing your kid’s study room在设计孩子的学习室时需要考虑的5个因素
How to achieve soft Korean curls in a few easy steps如何在几个轻松的步骤中实现韩国软曲目
Coronavirus: 14 new cases in Singapore; 11 imported冠状病毒:新加坡新增14例;进口11例
Thai woman killed in car crash; 3-year-old son flies out of car and escapes with minor injury泰国妇女在车祸中丧生; 3岁的儿子下车逃跑,受轻伤
Fake news alert: Dietician debunks persimmon myth, gives nutrition tips假新闻警报:营养学家揭穿Persimmon神话,给出营养提示
I tried a $300 nasi lemak meal on SIA’s Restaurant A380我在Sia ’ s Restaurant A380上尝试了300美元的Nasi Lemak餐
Japanese girl achieves lifelong dream by going on a date with Godzilla通过与哥斯拉约会,日本女孩实现了终身梦想
AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine trial Brazil volunteer dies, trial to continue阿斯利康新冠肺炎疫苗试验巴西志愿者死亡,试验继续
Gossip mill: Chen Hanwei thought he had AIDS after getting too engrossed in a role – and other entertainment news this week八卦:陈汉伟认为自己感染了艾滋病,因为他的角色太吸引了— —以及本周的其他娱乐新闻
3 arrested after ‘royal rumble’ at Marine Terrace, 2 other teen girls under investigation3人在海上露台“皇家谣言”后被捕,另外2名少女正在接受调查
TraceTogether check in mandatory for cinema-goers from Nov 16从11月16日起,必须对电影观众进行追踪检查
Comedian Margaret Cho: I’ve been preparing to be an Asian auntie since childhood喜剧演员玛格丽特·赵:我从童年起就一直在准备成为亚洲的姑
How to lay-up your vehicle in Singapore if you don’t intend to use it如果你不打算使用你的车,如何在新加坡清洗你的车
UK scientific advisor says coronavirus unlikely to be eradicated英国科学顾问表示,冠状病毒不太可能被根除
Harry and Meghan decry ‘crisis of hate’ in social media哈里和梅根在社交媒体上谴责“仇恨危机”
Coronavirus: It will be the biggest, fastest vaccine distribution plan ever – but can it work?冠状病毒:它将是有史以来最大、最快的疫苗分发计划,但它能奏效吗?
From palace to hotel: How India’s royals are striving to stay relevant从宫殿到酒店:印度王室如何努力保持相关性
Eason Chan says he has had almost no income in nearly a year陈安生(Eason Chan)表示,近一年来,他几乎没有收入。
Hong Kong actress Linda Chung: I may film my next drama only in 10 years’ time香港女演员琳达·郑(Linda Chung):我只能在10年后拍摄下一部剧情
How much a home gym costs in Singapore新加坡家庭健身房的成本是多少
Video of Malaysian family’s reunion after months-long border closure warms viewers’ hearts马来西亚家庭在长达数月的边境关闭后重聚的视频令观众心旷神怡
Myanmar centenarian shrugs off coronavirus, worries about grandchildren缅甸百岁老人对冠状病毒不屑一顾,对孙辈的担忧
Goh Jin Hian, son of Goh Chok Tong, quits as New Silkroutes chairman too after leaving CordLife Group吴进贤(Goh Jin Hian),吴作栋之子,在离开科尔德生活集团后,也辞去新Silkrouts董事长一职。
Stevie Wonder releases 2 songs appealing for love and unity史蒂维·旺德发行了两首呼吁爱与团结的歌曲
Russian coronavirus vaccine likely weeks from release俄罗斯冠状病毒疫苗可能在数周后释放
11 still missing after fishing boat accident in Bali as search is called off在巴厘岛发生渔船事故后11名失踪者
Tourism Authority of Thailand drops shade online over SMRT’s massive train disruption 泰国旅游局因SMRT严重扰乱列车运行而降低网速
Excavator breaks loose from crane, plunges down giant shaft at Hong Kong highway construction site挖土机从起重机上脱落,冲下香港公路建筑工地的巨轴
Shanghai to welcome Legoland theme park, hotel in Jinshan district上海金山区乐高乐园来了,还有主题酒店
Goh Jin Hian, son of Goh Chok Tong, steps down as Cordlife chairman amid lawsuit吴进观(Goh Jin Hian),吴作栋之子,在诉讼中辞去科德利夫董事长一职
The ultimate guide to home flooring costs家用地板成本的最终指南
Singapore on a budget: 20 romantic date ideas below $20新加坡预算问题:20美元以下的浪漫约会点子
Lenovo new ultralight Yoga Slim 7i Carbon launches in Singapore联想(Lenovo)新超光瑜伽滑式7i
In the passenger seat: Claire Jedrek, a ‘Jill’ of all trades坐在乘客席上:克莱尔·杰德里克,一个各行各业的“吉尔”
Chinese farmers become unlikely celebrities in front of their live-streaming cameras中国农民不太可能成为直播镜头前的名人
G Suite is now rebranded as Google Workspace to reflect the new way we workGSuite现在被重新命名为谷歌工作空间,以反映我们工作的新方式
Pokemon Go provides assistance to 1,000 small businesses with PokeStop servicePokemon Go向1 000家提供PokeStop服务的小企业提供援助