Philippines economy contracts 11.5% in Q3菲律宾经济在第三季度收缩11.5%
Southeast Asia’s Internet economy to cross US$100 billion this year: Report报道:东南亚的互联网经济今年将达到1000亿美元
Adidas cautious for year-end as COVID-19 pandemic returns阿迪达斯对年底COVID – 19大流行卷土重来持谨慎态度
Leicester, Southampton and Villa hint at shake-up at the top莱斯特、南安普顿和维拉暗示高层会有所改变
Cricket: Ponting confident ahead of Delhi’s IPL final clash against Mumbai板球:在德里的IPL与孟买的最后一场比赛之前,抱有信心
Rugby: Sexton wants Ireland to reach full potential in Autumn Nations Cup橄榄球:塞克斯顿希望爱尔兰在秋季国杯上充分发挥潜力
COVID-19 vaccine will be optional in BritainCOVID – 19疫苗在英国将是可选的
Disappearing messages come to Facebook-owned WhatsAppFacebook所有的WhatsApp收到了消失的信息
Paris bans nightime food and drink delivery to tackle worsening COVID-19 crisis巴黎禁止夜间提供食物和饮料,以应对日益恶化的COVID – 19危机
Stocks rally again, Treasuries gain as Biden edges towards US election win股市再次上涨,随着拜登走向美国大选胜利,美国国债上涨
Israelis protesting Netanyahu welcome US election results抗议内塔尼亚胡的以色列人欢迎美国的选举结果
Barca’s Fati tears meniscus in left knee巴萨的法蒂眼泪门尼斯在左膝上
Commentary: Cute otters and pangolins get saved but are ugly animals a lost conservation cause?评论:可爱的otters和穿山甲得到了拯救,但丑陋的动物是一个丢失的保护事业吗?
To save an old-school ‘zi char’ stall from COVID-19, a family comes together为了拯救一个老派的特里齐·查尔从COVID – 19中解脱出来,一个家庭聚集在一起
Football: Di Maria brace in Rennes stroll keeps depleted PSG top足球:迪玛丽亚·布雷斯在雷恩斯散步时保持了巴黎圣日耳曼的顶峰
How to keep climbing the career ladder while you’re working from home如何在在家工作时继续攀登职业阶梯
Football: VAR ruining football, says Leeds’ Bamford after disallowed goal足球:利兹“班福德”在被禁赛后说, VAR摧毁了足球
Fight for Senate control awaits in Georgia after Biden’s win拜登获胜后,争夺参议院控制权的斗争仍在格鲁吉亚等待
Johnny Depp out of Fantastic Beasts franchise after losing ‘wife beater’ case约翰尼·德普(Johnny Depp)在失去了“妻子啤酒”的案例后,退出了精彩的野兽系列
Commentary: Low interest rates don’t necessarily mean we keep more cash in hand评论:低利率不一定意味着我们手头有更多现金
Fortnite to return to Apple devices via Nvidia cloud gaming service – BBCFortnite将通过英伟达云游戏服务回到苹果设备— BBC
North Korea prohibits smoking in public spaces: State media朝鲜官方媒体:朝鲜禁止在公共场所吸烟
Japanese health officials find 164 dogs crammed into tiny house日本卫生官员发现164只狗挤在小房子里
South Korea military searches near North Korea border after detecting unidentified person在发现不明身份者后,韩国在朝鲜边境附近进行了军事搜查
Global stocks whipsaw, bonds rally as US vote agonisingly close全球股市大涨,债券上涨,美国投票令人痛苦地接近
‘I’m the happiest I’ve ever been’: Britney Spears reassures worried fans“我是我最快乐的人” :布里尼·斯佩尔斯再次向担心的粉丝们保证
Several wounded in Vienna shooting near synagogue在维也纳朝犹太教堂附近开枪的若干人受伤
Tennis: Nadal survives Lopez scare in Paris to claim 1,000th win网球:纳达尔在巴黎幸存了洛佩兹的恐慌,赢得了1000次胜利
Lazio only had 13 players for Zenit match – InzaghiLazio只有13名球员参加Zenit比赛- Inzaghi
More Paris shops to close at night to tackle worsening COVID-19 crisis更多巴黎商店将在夜间关闭,以应对日益恶化的COVID – 19危机
Football: Barca get third win in a row but fail to convince against Dynamo足球:巴萨连续赢得了第三场胜利,但未能说服人们反对Dyno
Soccer-Barca get third win in a row but fail to convince against Dynamo足球巴萨连续第三次赢得胜利,但未能说服人们反对Dynamo
Aeromexico seeks approval to fire 1,830 workers, eyeing US$44 million in annual savingsAeromexico要求批准解雇1 830名工人,每年节省4 400万美元
Morata brace helps Juve to 4-1 win at FerencvarosMorata Brace帮助Juve在拟议中赢得4 – 1的胜利
Football: Morata brace helps Juve to 4-1 win at Ferencvaros足球:莫拉塔·布拉斯在拟议中帮助赢得了4 – 1的胜利
Leipzig win 2-1 as PSG see red莱比锡赢得2 – 1 ,巴黎圣日耳曼看到了红色
Best eats: A satisfying bowl of bak chor mee  – at an ice cream cafe in Tanglin Halt最好的eats :一碗令人满意的Bak Chor Mee在坦克林停止的一家冰淇淋咖啡馆里摆平
SIA to restart flights to New York amid ‘early signs of optimism’ in air travel recovery在航空旅行复苏的“早期乐观迹象”中,新加坡将重启飞往纽约的航班
South Korean comedian found dead at home with mum, celebs pay tribute韩国喜剧演员和母亲在家里被发现死亡,名人向他们致敬
Twitter flags Trump tweet questioning Supreme Court decision on voting in Pennsylvania推特敦促特朗普在Twitter上质疑最高法院关于宾夕法尼亚州投票的决定
Twitter, Facebook outline action on posts claiming early US election victory推特和Facebook概述了对声称美国提前赢得大选的帖子采取的行动
Golf: With Masters on the horizon, DeChambeau sees opportunity for second big victory高尔夫:随着大师们的到来,德坎博看到了第二次重大胜利的机会
Twitter to label candidate tweets that claim early US election victory推特将给声称提前赢得美国大选的候选人贴上标签
Tennis: Salisbury, Ram out of Paris doubles over COVID-19 concerns网球:由于COVID – 19的担忧, Salisbury和Ram走出巴黎增加了一倍
Setback for Nokia in German patent battle with Lenovo诺基亚在与联想的德国专利战中受挫
Football: Maguire challenges Man Utd to improve home form足球: Maguire挑战曼联改善家庭形式
11 Ajax players test positive for COVID-19, says RTLRTL表示, 11名Ajax球员COVID – 19检测呈阳性
South Korea expands mask requirements as COVID-19 cases grow随着COVID – 19病例的增加,韩国扩大了口罩要求
Apple’s late iPhone launch temporarily wiped US$100 billion off its stock value苹果最近推出的iPhone暂时抹去了其股票价值1000亿美元
Facebook anticipates tougher 2021 even as pandemic boosts ad revenueFacebook预计2021年将更加艰难,尽管大流行增加了广告收入
Singapore’s jobless rate climbs to 3.6%; more than 20,000 retrenched year-to-date新加坡失业率攀升至3.6% ;今年迄今有2万多人被裁员
Not feeling productive? Here’s how to stay motivated while riding out a global pandemic感觉没有成效吗?以下是如何在战胜全球大流行的同时保持积极性
New Zealand PM Ardern to announce government on Nov 2新西兰总理阿德恩将于11月2日宣布政府
Acrobatic Ibrahimovic goal gives Milan late win at Udinese伊布拉希莫维奇的进球给米兰带来了在乌迪内斯的胜利
Why are people so scared of snakes, spiders, bugs and creepy crawlies?为什么人们如此害怕蛇、蜘蛛、虫子和令人毛骨悚然的爬行动物?
PM Lee, Japan’s Suga reaffirm ‘excellent relations’ in phone call; leaders discuss COVID-19, travel between both countries日本首相李在电话中重申了“良好关系” ;领导人讨论了COVID – 19和两国之间的旅行
Walmart Chile facing supplier suit over allegations it abused market dominance沃尔玛智利公司因被指控滥用市场支配地位而面临供应商诉讼
Football: Barcelona overcome Juve as Morata has three goals disallowed足球:巴萨战胜了尤夫,摩拉塔有三个进球被禁止
Football: Dominant Sevilla earn narrow win over Rennes despite glut of chances足球:尽管机会过剩,占主导地位的塞维利亚赢得了对雷恩斯的微弱胜利
Football: Late Boli goal gives Ferencvaros 2-2 draw with Dynamo Kyiv足球:最近的博利进球让拟议的2 – 2吸引了基辅的动力
Trump administration sets record low limit for new US refugees特朗普政府为新的美国难民设定了创纪录的下限
Apple developing search engine to compete with Google: Report报道:苹果开发搜索引擎,与谷歌竞争