Thursday’s top deals: $80 espresso maker, $90 portable projector, $200 Chromebook bundle and more周四的最高交易: 80美元的Espresso制造商, 90美元的便携式投影仪, 200美元的Chromebook捆绑等等
PS5 launch sales will be online onlyPS5的发布销售将只在网上进行
Julia Louis-Dreyfus celebrates Kamala Harris, real-life Madam Vice PresidentJulia Louis – Dreyfus庆祝卡玛拉·哈里斯,她是现实生活中的副总统
Kamala Harris makes history: ‘Hear that? That’s the glass ceiling cracking’卡玛拉·哈里斯(Kamala Harris)创造了历史: “听了吗?这就是玻璃天花板的裂缝。 ”
Veep’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus celebrates Kamala Harris, real-life Madam Vice President韦普的朱莉娅·路易-德雷弗斯(Julia Louis – Dreyfus)在现实生活中庆祝副总统卡玛拉·哈里斯(Kamala Harris)
The Boys actor Karl Urban is Wolverine in convincing deepfake video男孩演员卡尔·都市(Karl Urban)在说服Deepfake视频方面是狼吞虎咽的
Uber will reopen San Francisco office amid COVID-19, but with far fewer people优步将在COVID – 19疫情中重新开放旧金山的办公室,但人数少得多
Scientists probe the brain to see why our favorite music gives us the chills科学家们对大脑进行了研究,想知道为什么我们最喜欢的音乐会让我们战栗
Giant iceberg makes alarming beeline for wildlife haven of seals, penguins巨大的冰山为野生动植物海豹和企鹅的天堂提供了惊人的机会
The Best Xbox Series X games you’ll need to play你需要玩的最好的Xbox系列X游戏
Best Xbox One games for 20202020年最佳Xbox One游戏
How do I track my mail-in ballot? Here’s how for every state and DC我是如何追踪邮寄选票的?以下是每个州和DC的方式
$100 JBL headphone deal: Get 60% off these top-notch noise-canceling headphones with exclusive code100美元的JBL耳机交易:用独家代码取消这些顶级降噪耳机60%
Rare yellow turtle spotted for only second time looks like melted cheese罕见的黄色海龟只被第二次发现,看起来就像融化的奶酪
Windows 10: Try these 3 new features now, here’s howWindows 10 :现在试试这3个新功能,以下是如何
Wikipedia’s disinformation task force braces for a high-stakes election维基百科的虚假信息工作队正在为一场高风险的选举做准备
OnePlus 8T’s Cyberpunk 2077 smartphone looks like something straight out of the game一加8T的Cyberpunk 2077智能手机看起来就像是游戏之外的东西
Get the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fitness watch for $38以38美元的价格购买小米Mi乐队5健身手表
Tyler Perry’s The Oval star, Kron Moore explains Camp Quarantine凯伦·摩尔解释说,泰勒·佩里是椭圆形明星
Verizon’s 5G Home is expanding to parts of Atlanta, Dallas, Denver and San JoseVerizon的5G之家正在扩展到亚特兰大、达拉斯、丹佛和圣何塞的部分地区
Apple says iPhone sales fell 20% ahead of iPhone 12 launch苹果公司表示,在iPhone 12发布前,iPhone销量下降了20%
The final mystery of Philae, the lost comet lander, has been solved菲莱的最后谜团— —丢失的彗星着陆器— —已经解开
The Cheapskate Show podcast: Stop overpaying for phone service便宜的Skate秀播客:停止支付过高的电话服务费
PlayStation Plus members get free PS5 game in NovemberPlayStation Plus的会员们在11月获得免费的PS5游戏
Scientists discover coral reef taller than the Empire State Building科学家发现珊瑚礁比帝国大厦更高
Alphabet’s Loon sets new record for stratospheric flight by a balloonAlphabet的Loon创下了平流层飞行气球的新纪录
How do I track my ballot if I voted by mail? Here’s how for every state如果我通过邮件投票,我如何追踪自己的选票?以下是每个州的方式
LG’s $359 phone for AT&T is one of the cheapest 5G offerings we’ve seenLG 359美元的AT&T手机是我们看到的最便宜的5G产品之一
Science settles on the scariest horror movie科学安插在最可怕的恐怖电影上
Verizon’s Yahoo Mobile is launching its first smartphone for $50Verizon的Yahoo Mobile将以50美元的价格推出第一款智能手机
Happiness during coronavirus: ‘Less about pleasure and more about wisdom’冠状病毒感染期间的幸福: “更少涉及快乐,更多涉及智慧”
Halo Infinite loses director after being delayed to 2021《光环无限》在推迟到2021年后失去了导演
Samsung posts highest-ever quarterly revenue as demand roars back随着需求回升,三星公布了有史以来最高的季度收入
Best iPad Air keyboards: Logitech Folio Touch vs. Magic Keyboard最佳iPad Air键盘: Logitech Folio Touch vs . Magic Keyboard
Take control of the devices that have taken control of you控制你的装置
Best gaming laptop to buy for 20202020年最好的游戏笔记本电脑
iPhone 12 Pro vs. Note 20 Ultra cameras: Selfies, night mode, video comparediPhone 12 Pro vs . Note 20 Ultra摄像头:自拍,夜间模式,视频比较
Best 2020 phones to give as gifts: iPhone 12, Galaxy S20 FE, Pixel 4A 5G and more2020年最佳礼物手机: iPhone 12 、 Galaxy S20 Fe 、 Pixel 4a 5G等
How to use Zoom like a pro: 15 video chat tips and tricks to try now如何像Pro一样使用变焦: 15个视频聊天技巧和技巧现在尝试
Xbox Mandalorian controller revealed just in time for season 2Xbox Mandalian控制器刚在第二季公布
Star Wars Episode 1: Racer launches on Xbox One Tuesday《星球大战》第1集:赛克将于周二在Xbox上发布
George Clooney’s epic beard sends a message in The Midnight Sky trailer乔治·克鲁尼(George Clooney)史诗般的胡子在午夜天空预告片中发出了信息
NASA scientists spot ‘weird’ molecule in atmosphere of Saturn moon Titan美国宇航局科学家在土星月球的大气层中发现了“奇怪”的分子
Starlink recruits beta testers for ‘Better Than Nothing’ satellite broadband serviceStarLink为“比什么都好”的卫星宽带服务招募测试者
Ubisoft launches subscription service tailored for Luna and Stadia育碧推出了适合Luna和Stadia的订阅服务
How do I know if I’m registered to vote? Here’s how to find out我怎么知道我是否登记参加投票?以下是如何找到答案的方法
‘Very nice!’ Kazakhstan makes Borat catchphrase official tourism slogan“非常好! ”哈萨克斯坦提出了朴素的官方旅游口号
Over 40 million people already voted by mail. Here’s how to track your ballot online已有4000多万人通过邮件投票。以下是如何在网上追踪你的选票
All the best rowing machines to buy for 20202020年购买的所有最好的旋翼机器
Xbox unveils a Mandalorian controller just in time for season 2Xbox刚为第二季推出了一名曼德勒人控制器
NASA Mars selfie shows Curiosity rover proudly posing with drill holes美国宇航局火星自拍显示好奇漫游者骄傲地与钻孔合影
iPhone 12 drop test results are in: Ceramic shield is as tough as it soundsiPhone 12的跌落测试结果是:陶瓷盾牌的难度与听起来一样大
These are the best pre-Black Friday deals on AirPods right now: AirPods for $129 and AirPods Pro for $219这些是目前最佳的黑色星期五前AirPods交易: AirPods售价129美元, AirPods Pro售价219美元
WWE Hell in a Cell 2020: Live updates, results and match ratings2020年牢房里的WWE地狱:实时更新、结果和匹配评级
Waiting for your iPhone 12? Go through this checklist on your old phone now等待你的iPhone 12 ?现在你的旧手机上查看这个核对表
Will AirPods Studio be released in 2020? It’s looking less likely nowAirPods Studio将在2020年发布吗?现在看起来不太可能
Over 66 million people already voted by mail. Here’s how to track your ballot online超过6600万人已经通过邮件投票。以下是如何在网上追踪你的选票
The best deals (so far) at HP’s early holiday sale惠普早期假日销售的最佳交易(到目前为止)
Amazon to add 100,000 seasonal jobs as holidays near亚马逊将在附近的假期增加10万个季节性工作岗位
The adorable, awesome Addsfit mini impact massage gun can be yours for $69 (save $36)这款可爱、很棒的Addsfit迷你冲击按摩枪可以是你的,售价69美元(节省36美元)
Microsoft Surface Pro X review: Better battery life for the coolest Surface微软Surface Pro X评论:最酷表面的电池寿命更好