‘The Division 2’ hits Stadia with PC cross-play on March 17th《全境封锁2》将于3月17日在Stadia上线
GM’s cheaper, adaptable Ultium batteries are key to its EV future通用汽车的廉价、适应性强的Ultium电池是其电动汽车未来的关键
Facebook reveals the AI tool it used to ban 6.6 billion fake accountsFacebook披露了其用于禁止66亿个虚假账户的人工智能工具
AI discovers antibiotic that kills even highly resistant bacteria人工智能发现了甚至可以杀死高度耐药细菌的抗生素
Minuscule ID chips could help spot even the smallest counterfeits无需电池的微型ID芯片可帮助消除假冒损失
‘Friends’ cast is locked in for a reunion special to launch HBO Max《老友记》重聚特辑正式确定!五月上线HBO Max!
Porsche opens Europe’s most powerful EV charging park保时捷开设欧洲最强大的电动汽车充电园
Lyft buys a startup that runs ads on top of ridesharing carsLyft公司收购美国车顶广告公司Halo Cars
HTC plans to release its first 5G phone in 2020HTC将于2020年推出首款5G智能手机