火箭实验室计划向月球发射有效载荷Rocket Lab plans to send payloads to the Moon
谷歌图书的重新设计使得查找背景信息更容易Google Books redesign makes it easier to find background info
沃尔玛将以打折的第三方产品与亚马逊竞争Walmart will take on Amazon with discounted third-party products
Hulu把4K的内容带到了Xbox OneHulu brings 4K content to the Xbox One
福特的远程汽车启动和解锁是免费的Ford’s remote car starting and unlocking are available for free
保时捷的Macan EV将在几年内完全取代其天然气车型Porsche’s Macan EV will fully replace its gas counterpart in a few years
Google Assistant will quietly obey your light-switching commands谷歌助理会安静地服从你的灯光切换指令
How to buy a laptop for school in 2019如何在2019年为学校购买笔记本电脑
The Morning After: Apple’s new AirPods look very familiar《早安》之后:苹果新的AirPods看起来很熟悉
Trailer for Jordan Peele’s ‘Twilight Zone’ shows an unsettling universe乔丹·皮尔(Jordan Peele)的《阴阳魔界》(Twilight Zone)的拖车
Snapchat had more than 200 million daily users last quarter上个季度Snapchat的日用用户超过2亿
AfterShokz Aeropex open-ear headphones prove less can be moreAfterShokz Aeropex开耳耳机
Amazon will now deliver to the trunk of your Honda亚马逊现在将运送到您的本田后备箱
Square offers sellers $10 photoshoots for their productsSquare向卖家提供10美元的产品照片
Daimler and Bosch inch closer to fully automated, self-driving valet service戴姆勒和博士赫离全自动、自动驾驶泊车服务越来越近
You can watch the ‘Fortnite’ World Cup finals while playing ‘Fortnite’你可以边打“堡垒之夜”边看“堡垒之夜”世界杯决赛
Pizza Hut tests Amazon Locker-style ‘cubbies’ for carryout orders比萨饼屋亚马逊Locker风格的’bombie’为运送订单
Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active 2 may have a touch-sensitive bezel三星Galaxy Watch Active2可能有触感晶片
Alphabet’s internet balloons have spent a million hours in the stratosphere谷歌网络气球在平流层花了100万小时
The best consoles, games and accessories for students为学生提供的最好的游戏机、游戏和附件
Amazon has already renewed ‘The Boys’ for a second season亚马逊已将《男孩》续约到第二季
Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar review: A full bag of tricks森纳海瑟安比奥
The best creative and productivity apps for students最适合学生的创造性和生产力的应用
The best smartphones, tablets and smartwatches for students最好的智能手机、平板电脑和智能手表
India’s historic Moon mission takes off after week-long delay印度具有历史意义的月球任务推迟一周后起飞
Amazon’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ reportedly has its first cast member亚马逊的《指环王》据说有首名演员成员
The Morning After: Apple’s watchOS update fixed the Walkie-Talkie app晨间之后:苹果>监视系统更新修复了Walkie-Talkie应用程序
Watch an electric Ford F-150 tow over a million pounds看一辆福特F-150型电动车
Apple is updating old iPhone and iPad models to fix a GPS issue苹果正在更新旧iPhone和iPad型号,以修复GPS问题
Team Rocket is now prepared to fight Pokémon Go trainers火箭队现在准备与《精灵宝可梦Go》训练员战斗
A mind-controlled robot arm doesn’t have to mean brain implants大脑控制的机器人手臂不一定意味着大脑植入
Etsy buys music gear marketplace Reverb to expand its reachEtsy购买音乐设备市场
Google Pixel 4 leak fuels rumors of hand gesture control谷歌Pixel4泄露引发了手动手势控制的传言
Facebook’s prototype VR bangle squeezes and vibrates your wrists脸书的VR手镯原型挤压和震动你的手腕
FDA targets teens with e-cigarette prevention adsFDA针对有防电子烟广告的青少年
The next ‘Overwatch’ hero is yet another evil scientist下一个守望英雄,又是一个邪恶的科学家
Netflix unveils new shows aimed at preschoolers奈飞推出针对学龄前儿童的新展览
Netflix is getting a samurai anime from country singer Sturgill Simpson奈飞正在获得乡村歌手史陶吉尔Simpson的武士动漫
Brave musical hero speedruns ‘GoldenEye’ level with a piano勇敢的音乐英雄用钢琴快速弹奏出“金眼”级
The biggest streaming announcements from Comic-Con漫展最大的流媒体公告
Microsoft invests $1 billion in Elon Musk-founded OpenAI微软向埃隆·马斯克创立的OpenAI投资10亿美元
Thriller author Dean Koontz signs five-book deal with AmazonThriller作者Dean Koontz签署5本书的亚马逊协议
Netflix deal with Hollywood union promises better conditions for actors奈飞与好莱坞工会的协议承诺为演员提供更好的条件
Marvel unveils its roadmap for Disney+ shows漫威揭开了迪士尼+的路线图
Elon Musk promises longer, curved tunnel for future Hyperloop contests埃隆·马斯克承诺为未来的超级循环竞赛延长弯曲隧道
‘Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience’ part two is adding the Olympus Coliseum“国心:VR经验”的第二部分是增加奥林巴斯竞技场
‘Westworld’ season 3 trailer shows robots venturing beyond the park《西部世界》第3季预告片显示机器人在公园外游玩
Hackers broke into a contractor for Russia’s spy agency黑客入侵了俄罗斯情报机构的一个承包商
NVIDIA revamps Moon landing recreation in time for Apollo 11’s 50th英伟达翻新月球着陆娱乐时间阿波罗11第50次
Hackers broke into Sprint accounts through Samsung’s website黑客通过三星网站侵入斯普林特账户
Apple and Google show off their more inclusive emoji for 2019苹果和谷歌在2019年展示了更具包容性的表情符号
NSA contractor sentenced to nine years over theft of classified info国安局承包商因盗窃机密信息被判处9年徒刑
The Morning After: CG ‘Cats’ trailer takes a trip to the uncanny valley《清晨:猫猫》预告片将前往神秘的山谷
Watch a behind-the-scenes look at ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’看着《终结者:黑暗命运》(Terminator:Dark Fate)
Recommended Reading: The race back to the Moon推荐阅读:回月球赛跑
Scientists unveil 3D microscope that visualizes cells without damaging them科学家推出3D显微镜,在不破坏细胞的情况下,对细胞进行可视化
Uber wants to sell you Echos, AirPods and Oculus headsets优步想要卖出Echos,AirPods和Oculus耳机
Slack resets tens of thousands of passwords following 2015 data breachSlack重置了2015年数据泄露后的数万个密码
Domino’s will let you track your pizza delivery with GPS多米诺酒店会让你用GPS追踪你的披萨递送
Elon Musk’s Neuralink hopes to put sensors in human brains next year埃隆·马斯克的Neuralink希望明年在人类大脑中放置传感器
Waze shows how much you have to pay at the tollgate华兹表明你在收费处要付多少钱
Lotus’ all-electric hypercar fully charges in nine minutesLotus的全电动超级汽车在9分钟内完全充电
Toyota will spend 10 years perfecting its astronaut moon rover丰田将花费10年时间完善宇航员月球车
The best Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals: Best of the rest2019年黄金时段交易最好亚马逊:其余最佳