Ancient Impact’s Seismic Waves Reveal Pluto’s Ocean, Core远古撞击产生的地震波揭示了冥王星的海洋核心
New Classification System for Lakes Forecasts a Warming Trend新的湖泊分类系统预测了气候变暖的趋势
Basalts Turn Carbon into Stone for Permanent Storage玄武岩将碳转化为永久储存的石头
It’s Time to Revise Estimates of River Flood Hazards是修订河流洪水灾害评估的时候了
Mapping Lightning Strikes from Space从太空绘制闪电图
Earth’s Skies Transmitted Signs of Life During Lunar Eclipse在月食期间,地球的天空传播了生命的迹象
Microbes Discovered Hanging Out in the Ocean’s Crust微生物在海洋地壳中被发现
Tropical Forests Are Losing Their Ability to Soak Up Carbon热带雨林正在丧失吸收碳的能力
“Glacial Earthquakes” Spotted for the First Time on Thwaites首次在斯韦特观测到“冰川地震”
The Give and Take of Mercury in Glacial Landscapes冰川景观中汞的交换
Seeing the Greenland Ice Sheet Through Students’ Eyes通过学生的眼睛看格陵兰冰原
Editorial Handover at编辑交接时
Poor Water Management Implicated in Failure of Ancient Khmer Capital古代高棉帝国首都的衰败与其糟糕的水资源管理有关
Scientists Search for Deltas on Saturn’s Largest Moon科学家将在土星最大的卫星上寻找河流三角洲
Europe’s Rivers Are the Most Obstructed on Earth欧洲的河流拥有地球上最多的人类建筑设施
The Ice Giant Spacecraft of Our Dreams我们理想的的冰巨星太空飞船
Remote Landslide Puts Fraser River Salmon on Shaky Ground偏远的山体滑坡将弗雷泽河的鲑鱼置于不稳定的地面上