Epic Games calls PS5 a “masterpiece of systems design” in new interview with Official PlayStation Magazine在官方PlayStation杂志的新采访中,Epic Games把PS5称为“系统设计的杰作”
Tokyo Game Show 2020 to hold digital event this September2020年东京电玩展将于今年9月举行数字活动
Baby Wario is back, and now he’s a doctor in Dr. Mario World《宝贝瓦里奥》回来了,现在是《马里奥医生世界》
Check out these images from Studio Ghibli’s first-ever CGI movie, Aya and the Witch看看吉卜力工作室的第一部CGI电影《阿雅与魔女》中的这些照片
The JSA are back in Dark Nights: Death Metal #2 previewJSA回《黑暗之夜:死亡金属2》预览
How Scott Snyder recruited Warren Ellis for Death Metal’s Bat-Rex origin story斯科特·斯奈德如何为《暗夜:死亡金属》的蝙蝠侠起源招募华伦·埃利斯
Elizabeth Moss and The Handmaid’s Tale director rejoin forces for thriller Run Rabbit Run伊丽莎白·莫斯和《使女的故事》导演戴娜·里德再次合作惊悚片《兔子快跑》
Legendary Batman writer, Denny O’Neil dies at age 81《蝙蝠侠》传奇作者丹尼斯·奥尼尔去世 享年81岁
Call of Duty: Warzone adds new Contracts, Modes, and in-match events for Modern Warfare season 4作为《使命召唤:现代战争》第四赛季新的契约、模式和组队活动
Amazon details character progression in their upcoming MMO New World亚马逊MMO《新世界》揭示角色升级的工作原理
Stjepan Šejić announces DC exit for creator-owned comicsStjepan Šejić宣布为创作者拥有的漫画提供DC出口
Harry Potter RPG rumours recirculate following emergence of new details online早期游戏视频在网上泄露后,华纳《哈利·波特》RPG游戏又有新爆料
New PS5 patent offers another glimpse at PlayStation’s devkit, and its “plurality of cooling fans”PS5专利曝光冷却系统专利图
Artificial intelligence creates their own comics after being taught Osamu Tezuka’s works人工智能在手冢治虫作品的训练下,创造了自己的漫画
This is the most popular character in Apex Legends today这是《Apex 英雄》今天最受欢迎的角色
Star Wars: Project Maverick rumoured to be officially announced next week《星球大战:独行侠计划》据说将于下周正式公布
PS5 backwards compatibility will let you play “supported PS4 games with system update”PS5向后兼容将使您可以玩“系统更新的PS4游戏”