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How to use the App Library in iOS 14如何在iOS 14中使用应用程序库
Report: HomePod beta adds the option to select default music, podcast, audiobook service报告:HomePod测试版增加了选择默认音乐、播客、有声读物服务选项
All the ways Siri is changing in iOS 14Siri在iOS14中的所有改变
Why the Mac is (once again) central to Apple’s future为什么Mac(再一次)成为苹果未来的中心
iOS and iPadOS 13.6: Apple releases third beta for developersiOS和iOS 13.6:苹果发布开发者测试第三版
Report: Apple shifts Apple Arcade strategy, cancels some games报告:苹果改变了街机策略,取消了一些游戏
How to downgrade from the iOS or iPadOS 14 beta如何从iOS或iPadOS14测试版降级
What WWDC20 tells us about where its device roadmap is goingWWDC20告诉我们它的未来设备路线图
Geekbench results for the Apple Silicon Developer Transition Kit surface online苹果希望通过提供给开发者过渡套件的Geekbench结果
The Mac’s future is on a collision course with the iPadMac的未来与iPad相冲突
How to take photos of particular people out of your Photos library如何从照片库中找到特定某个人的照片
Six things we learned at WWDC about future Apple products (other than the Mac)在WWDC(除Mac之外)我们学到了六件关于苹果未来产品的东西
tvOS 14: 4K YouTube and 5 other features coming this falltvOS 14:4K YouTube和5个其他功能将于今年秋季问世
5 awesome new iPadOS 14 features coming to your iPad this fall5个很棒的新iPadOS 14功能将于今年秋天出现在你的iPad上
HomeKit in iOS 14: Support for facial recognition and adaptive lightingiOS 14中的HomeKit:支持面部识别和自适应照明
5 far-out WWDC20 predictions that might actually come true对WWDC20的5个种可能成真的疯狂预测
WWDC Wish List: Apple Watch and watchOS 7WWWDC愿望清单:Apple Watch和watchOS7
Apple is reportedly still working on AirPower, for some reason苹果继续开发类似AirPower的无线充电垫
How to recover your Pages, Numbers, or Keynote document password如何恢复你的Pages、Numbers或Keynote文档密码
Report: iOS 14 may get built-in call recording报道:iOS 14或将内置通话录音
What should we expect from Apple’s transition to its own processors?对于苹果向自己的处理器的转变,我们应该有哪些期望?
Summer-season Apple Watch Sport Bands and iPhone silicone cases now available from Apple夏季Apple Watch运动表带和iPhone硅胶壳现在可以从苹果买到
5G could make the iPad a better PC than the MacBook5G可以让iPad比MacBook更好