Manchester United could be about to revolutionise their team with a transfer曼联可能会通过调职来彻底改变他们的团队
Proof that Nicolas Pepe would be worth the outlay for Manchester United this summer证明这个尼古拉斯·佩佩将抵得上今年夏天曼联的费用.
Manchester United have made a change and it could rejuvenate Fred’s career曼联已做出改变,可能振兴弗莱德的职业
The rare Bentley hidden in a Stockport garage for more than 30 years that’s sold for more than £400,000这只稀有的本特利藏在斯托克波特车库30多年,售价超过40万英镑。
Why Liverpool FC pre-season could give Man City a head start in title race为什么在赛季前的比赛中利物浦能让曼城在冠军赛中领先一步
AC Milan star pinpoints Manchester United’s two biggest threats ahead of International Champions Cup clashAC米兰球星指出了曼联在国际冠军杯赛前的两大威胁。
Five issues Manchester United still need to resolve in pre-season在季前赛前仍有5个问题曼联>需要解决
John Stones excited by new Man City test after frustration last season约翰.斯通斯受上赛季挫折后新曼城的考验
How the Manchester United style of play is about to change曼联游戏风格将如何改变
How Phil Foden has surprised Man City manager Pep Guardiola in Hong Kong菲尔福登如何让香港曼城经理瓜迪奥拉(Pep Guardiola)大吃一惊
Aymeric Laporte reveals the players who can replace Vincent Kompany at Man City埃梅里克.拉波尔特显示在曼城可以替换文森特·孔帕尼的球员
What Manchester United’s strongest line up now looks like现在的曼联最强阵容
Free transfers Manchester United could sign this summer今年夏天,免费转账曼联。
How Rodri can bring another dimension to Man City罗德里如何给曼城带来另一个维度
Manchester United transfer pursuit of Harry Maguire has an added advantage曼联转让哈里.马奎尔有额外的优势
How Man City players reacted to Vincent Kompany’s dressing room farewell speech曼城球员如何应对文森特·孔帕尼更衣室告别演讲
What can be learned from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s pre-season at Manchester United so far到目前为止,从奥尔·冈纳尔·索尔斯克亚赛季季前赛中曼联中学到的东西
Pep Guardiola left hoping Man City don’t lose out from ‘crazy schedule’瓜迪奥拉留下希望曼城不会从“疯狂日程”中失利
Manchester United tipped to sign Bruno Fernandes as Liverpool FC’s hopes drift曼联希望签下布鲁诺-费尔南德斯为利物浦FC的希望漂移.
Juan Mata sends Mason Greenwood message after Inter Milan goal胡安·马塔在国际米兰进球后向梅森·格林伍德发信息
Pep Guardiola hints Man City have found new centre back in Taylor Harwood-Bellis瓜迪奥拉暗示曼城回到泰勒哈伍德-贝里斯的新中心
Bruno Fernandes transfer fee hint given by Sporting president amid Manchester United interest布鲁诺-费尔南德斯转会费暗示,运动主席在曼联兴趣中.
Manchester United ‘make contact’ with Juventus star Paulo Dybala曼联与尤文图斯星保罗.迪巴拉接触
How Manchester United should line up vs Inter Milan曼联应如何排行国际米兰
Why Hugo Lloris won’t feature against Manchester United胡戈·洛里斯不会出现在曼联上
Where Man City and Liverpool FC are tipped to finish in 2019/20 Premier League season曼城和利物浦FC将在2019/20赛季完成英超>
Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane drops major hint on Manchester United’s Paul Pogba皇马主教练齐达内透露了曼联保罗·伯格巴的重要消息
Tottenham’s Toby Alderweireld responds to transfer talk after demand from Manchester United fans热刺队的阿尔德维尔德回应了球迷要求曼联的传球.
Man City need Leroy Sane help in Bayern Munich transfer chase曼城在拜仁慕尼黑转会追逐中需要勒鲁瓦.萨内>的帮助
Manchester United fans send Ole Gunnar Solskjaer message over new centre-back曼联球迷通过新的中后卫发送奥尔·冈纳尔·索尔斯克亚信息
Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata sends transfer message to Paul Pogba曼联中场球员胡安·马塔向保罗·博格巴发送转会信息
Manchester United winger Daniel James on how his late father is driving him on曼联边锋丹尼尔·詹姆斯关于他已故父亲的驾驶方式
A new corner of Cumbria坎布里亚的一个新角落
How Manchester United should line up vs Leeds United曼联应如何排行利兹联