A Mysterious Ancient Galaxy Just Rewrote the Universe’s Timeline一个神秘的银河改写了宇宙的时间表
Scientists Captured a Planet’s Birth and It Is Terrifying and Beautiful科学家们捕获了一个行星的诞生,它骇人又美丽
This 44.8 Gigapixel Scan of a Rembrandt Contains Staggering Detail这幅448亿像素的伦勃朗作品包含了惊人的细节
Scientists Think They Found the Only Guy Known to Get Killed by a Meteorite科学家们认为他们发现了唯一一个被陨石砸死的人
Scientists Found a Fossilized South American Frog in Antarctica欧洲科学家团队报告:在南极洲发现首个现存蛙类的化石
Antarctica Was a Lush Rainforest 90M Years Ago, Scientists Discover科学家发现,9千万年前的南极洲是一片郁郁葱葱的热带雨林
The Great Barrier Reef Is Heading for a Mass Die-Off of Unprecedented Scale大堡礁正面临着前所未有的大规模死亡
Scientists Are Encrypting Information Using Crystals科学家们正在用晶体加密信息
Scientists Discovered a Mysterious New Aurora Borealis on the Edge of Space科学家们在太空边缘发现了一种神秘的新北极光
A Completely Deranged But Effective Way to Fix Sticky MacBook Pro Keys一个完全疯狂但有效的方法来修复MacBook Pro的粘滞键
These Dark Matter ‘Clumps’ Help Explain the Material That Makes Up Most of the Universe暗物质线索有进展?科学家发现暗物质团!
Scientists Probe the Mysteries of a Well-Preserved 2,500-Year-Old Human Brain科学家探索一枚完好保存了2500年的人脑之谜
Humanity Is Sending 3 New Rovers to Mars in 2020 to Look for Signs of Life人类将在2020年向火星发射3个新的探测器寻找生命的迹象
The Oldest Forest in the World Has Been Discovered in a New York Quarry在纽约采石场发现了世界上最古老的森林
Ancient Parasite Eating Dinosaur Feathers Perfectly Preserved in Amber琥珀中保存完好的食恐龙羽毛的远古寄生虫
Ohio University Won’t Say If It Still Believes Insects Actively Live on Mars俄亥俄大学不愿透露是否仍然相信火星上有类昆虫生物
America’s Iconic Mountain Goats Are Being Threatened by Melting Ice and Snow美国标志性的山地山羊正受到冰雪融化的威胁
There’s a Mountain on the Moon That Could Help Explain Life on Earth月球上有一座可以解释地球上生命的山