Lost US parrot species went extinct not once but twice消失的美国鹦鹉物种不但灭绝过一次,而且还灭绝了两次
An insulin nasal spray could help with polycystic ovary syndrome胰岛素鼻喷剂有助于多囊卵巢综合征
Pigeons are having their toes amputated by waste human hair in Paris巴黎的鸽子被丢弃的头发割掉了脚趾
Genetic study reveals the family secrets of people in the 1800s基因研究揭示19世纪人类的家庭秘密
Smoke from Australia’s bushfires has spread to South America澳大利亚森林大火产生的烟雾扩散到南美洲
Eating a keto diet may give some protection against the flu吃酮类饮食可以预防流感
Improved rabies vaccine could be better and cheaper经改良的狂犬病疫苗可能效果更好且更便宜
Eating tiny nutrient particles could be better than health supplements吃微量营养素可能是比吃健康补充剂更好的营养补充方式
We thought this tiny deer-like animal was extinct for almost 30 years我们以为这种像鹿的小已动物灭绝了近30年
Experimental dengue vaccine cuts infection rates in real-world trials实验性登革热疫苗可降低实际试验中的感染率
Why dark matter’s no-show could mean a big bang rethink为什么暗物质不存在意味着反思大爆炸
Huge amounts of abandoned fishing gear litter the world’s oceans全世界有大量渔具被遗弃在海洋中
What hypnosis does to your brain, and how it can improve your health催眠对你的大脑造成什么影响,以及如何改善你的健康
Did apes first walk upright on two legs in Europe, not Africa?猿类最初是在欧洲直立行走,而不是在非洲吗?
Cosmological crisis: We don’t know if the universe is round or flat宇宙危机:我们不知道宇宙是圆的还是平的
Alien water may have been found on interstellar comet Borisov在星际间的波里索夫彗星上可能发现了外星水
Parasites are going extinct in droves – and we should be very worried寄生虫正成群结队地灭绝——我们应该非常担心
螃蟹可以通过复杂的迷宫学习和记忆它们的方式Crabs can learn and remember their way through a complex maze
非凡的化石展示了哺乳动物是如何从恐龙的灰烬中崛起的Extraordinary fossils show how mammals rose from the dinosaurs’ ashes
一个有偏见的算法正在拖延美国黑人的医疗保健A biased algorithm is delaying healthcare for black people in the US
南极冰层的融化可能已经持续了几个世纪Collapse of Antarctic ice may have been centuries in the making
英国政府的后英国退出欧盟环境法案遭到批评UK government’s post-Brexit environment bill comes in for criticism
India has launched its Chandrayaan 2 mission to the moon印度向月球发射了Chandrayaan2号飞行任务
How to trick your mind to break bad habits and reach your goals如何欺骗你的头脑,打破坏习惯,达到你的目标
Light pollution’s effects on birds may help to spread West Nile virus光污染对鸟类的影响可能有助于传播西尼罗病毒
Early life on Earth may have existed as miniature droplets of jelly地球上早期的生命可能以小水母存在
Our ancestors may have begun barbecuing 1.5 million years ago我们的祖先可能在150万年前开始理发
Deforestation in Brazil has rocketed since Bolsonaro became president博索纳罗就任总统后,巴西的森林砍伐率急剧上升
US groundwater shortage is forcing us to dig extremely deep wells美国地下水短缺正迫使我们挖深水井
The Milky Way devoured another galaxy and we’ve spotted the remains银河系吞噬了另一个星系
Strange stars that go supernova may be dimming because of dark matter暗物质使超新星变暗
AI passes theory of mind test by imagining itself in another’s shoes人工智能通过想象自己穿别人的鞋子来传递心智测试理论
Orangutan mothers tell infants where to go by scratching themselves口腔母亲通过抓挠自己告诉婴儿去哪里
Chimps bond with each other and people after watching a film together黑猩猩在一起看电影后
Drones could be used to herd rhinos away from poaching hotspots无人机可以用来驱逐犀牛
Strange illusion makes people forget where their teeth are奇怪的幻觉会让人忘记牙齿的位置
Electronics projects for beginners: Get your plants talking to you为初学者设计的电子项目:让你的植物与你交流
Half of all harm caused by medical care is preventable医疗造成的伤害有一半是可以预防的
Weird new type of magnetic liquid could be used to control soft robots奇怪的新型磁性液体可用于控制柔性机器人
Menstrual cups are as safe and leakproof as tampons and pads经期杯与卫生棉和垫一样安全、防漏
The plan to build mega wind farms and artificial islands in North Sea在北海建造大型风力发电场和人工岛屿的计划
Terraforming Mars with strange silica blanket could let plants thrive用奇怪的硅胶毯子来建造火星可以让植物茁壮成长
Elephants help forests store more carbon by destroying smaller plants大象通过破坏较小的植物帮助森林储存更多的碳
There aren’t enough space explosions to explain strange radio bursts太空爆炸不足以解释奇怪的无线电爆炸
You’re less empathetic when you’ve been drinking heavily当你酗酒时
Mystery of universe’s expansion deepens with new cosmic calculation宇宙扩张的谜团随着新的宇宙计算而加深
Personalised cancer treatments are becoming more common in the UK个性化癌症治疗在英国越来越常见
People who think they’re overweight are more at risk for depression认为自己超重的人更容易患抑郁症
Plans to provide genetic testing on the NHS could harm well-being提供NHS基因检测的计划可能会损害福祉
Sexual images are just as arousing for women as they are for men性形象对男性来说就像对女性的吸引力一样
Anorexia is a metabolic disorder as well as a psychiatric one厌食症既是一种代谢紊乱,也是一种精神疾病。
Targeting mitochondria in neurons may help relieve severe forms of MS靶向神经元线粒体有助于缓解严重的MS
Regulating e-cigarette flavours may prompt some people to smoke more调节电子烟味可能会促使一些人吸烟更多
Healthy living lowers chances of dementia even if genetic risk is high即使遗传风险很高,健康生活也会降低患痴呆的几率
James Lovelock says AlphaGo is the start of new life詹姆斯·洛夫洛克说AlphaGo是新生命的开始
French healthcare will stop paying for homeopathic treatment in 2021法国医疗将在2021年停止为顺势疗法买单
Streaming online pornography produces as much CO2 as Belgium在线色情产品流线产生的二氧化碳比比利时多
Hayabusa 2 lands on distant asteroid and collects another sampleHayabusa2号降落在远处的小行星上,并收集另一份样本
People in China consume twice the recommended daily limit of salt中国人每天的食盐量是建议的食盐限量的两倍
Storm Barry is heading towards New Orleans – how big is the risk?风暴巴里将前往新奥尔良-风险有多大?
Purple fairy wrasse named Wakanda discovered on reef in twilight zonePurple在黄昏区礁上发现的名为“瓦坎达”的仙女猿猴
René Favaloro: Heart surgery pioneer celebrated in Google doodleRenéFavaloro:在谷歌涂鸦中庆祝心脏手术Pioneer。
Double heatwave killed two-thirds of coral in central Indian Ocean双热浪造成印度洋中部三分之二的珊瑚死亡
UK is going backwards on climate change action, advisers warn顾问们警告称,英国在气候变化问题上正在倒退。