Dead Cells Has Now Sold 3 Million Copies, New Update Detailed《死亡细胞》销量已突破300万,更新修改很多内容
The Super Mario 64 PC Port Just Got A 60fps Patch《超级马里奥64》PC端口刚刚得到了60fps的补丁
Splatoon 2 Version 5.2.2 Update Patch Notes《喷射战士2》版本5.2.2更新补丁说明
Nintendo Appears To Be Dropping The 3DS From Its HackerOne Bug Bounty Program任天堂似乎要从HackerOne漏洞奖励计划中放弃3DS
ARMS Dev Celebrates Min Min’s Arrival In Smash Ultimate With Some New Artwork《ARMS》开发商庆祝Min Min来到《任天堂明星大乱斗特别版》
Pokémon HOME Servers Struggle To Keep Up With The Demand For Shiny Zeraora《宝可梦之家》服务商为了满足对闪亮Zeraora的需求
Min Min Is Available In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Right NowMin Min在《任天堂明星大乱斗特别版》可玩
Fan Turns Broken SNES Into A Working Switch Dock粉丝把坏掉的SNES变成可以使用的Switch坞
Wonderful 101 Kickstarter Backers Hit With Customs Charges And Handling Fees《神奇101重制版》部分众筹者抗议,对额外费用不满
Here’s Your Very First Look At The Cuphead Show Coming Soon To NetflixNetflix《茶杯头》动画剧集新预告,还原游戏经典画风
Square Enix Says It Will Announce Several New Titles Between July And AugustSquare Enix表示将在7-8月间发布几款新游戏
Jupiter Is Releasing A Sega Themed Picross Game On The Nintendo SwitchJupiter将在任天堂Switch发布世嘉主题桌面游戏
Pathea Games’ Ever Forward Launches On Switch Q4 2020, Physical Version RevealedPathea Games《永进》将于今年第四季度登陆Switch,实体版同时发行
Soapbox: Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Wedding Season Is A Reminder That Marriage Is Hard Work《动物之森:新地平线》的婚庆季提醒人们结婚是件很累的事情
EA Intends To “Double Down” On Star Wars Video Game DevelopmentEA希望在《星球大战》游戏上“加倍下注”
Blaster Master Zero 2’s Upcoming DLC Adds “Ultra Weird” Kanna Raising Simulator《超行星战记 ZERO 2》即将出现的DLC添加“超诡异”康纳模拟器
NIS America Is Bringing Ys IX: Monstrum Nox To The West In 2021《伊苏9:怪人之夜》美版2021年发售
Random: Suda51 Acknowledges Unfortunate No More Heroes 3 “Gameplay Footage Leak”《英雄不再3》演示发布得出人意料 ,玩家直呼坑爹!
Nintendo To Cut Back On Mobile Games After Animal Crossing Success, Says Report《动物森友会》成功后,任天堂在手机游戏市场雄心减退
Respawn Says Apex Legends Looks “Really Good” And Runs “Very Well” On SwitchEA制作人称Switch版《Apex 英雄》运行流畅,看起来很不错
Square Enix Officially Confirms Kingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory For The WestSquare Enix宣布《王国之心:记忆旋律》将于今年登陆Switch平台
Nintendo’s Cute Little Skipping Game Is Proving To Be Pretty Popular任天堂《跳绳挑战》公布全球数据:3天2亿跳跃超火爆
Random: So Much For Level Scaling In Pokémon’s Isle Of Armor DLC《宝可梦剑盾》铠之孤岛DLC没有新增级别
Pokémon GO Is Ending Support For Older Android Devices《口袋妖怪GO》将终止对旧版安卓设备的支持
New Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Glitch Lets You Escape Hyrule And Go Beyond The Map’s Borders《塞尔达:荒野之息》让你逃离海拉尔,走出地图的边界
Why Does The New Pokémon Snap Game On Nintendo Switch Look So Stunning?为什么任天堂Switch上的新宝可梦游戏看起来如此迷人?
Spirits With Horns Feature In This Week’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Event本周的《任天堂明星大乱斗特别版》活动针对有角的精灵
Purchase The Sword And Shield Expansion Pass Before August 31st And Get Leon’s Outfit As A Bonus在8月31日之前购买《宝可梦剑盾》扩大通行证将会获里昂装备作为奖励
Team Cherry Discord Riddle Reveals A New Hollow Knight: Silksong Character《空洞骑士:丝之歌》新角色被团队揭秘
WayForward Says It Will Consider A 3D Shantae Game When The Time Is RightWayForward考虑将《桑塔》变成一款3D游戏
Timothy And The Mysterious Forest Looks Like The Zelda: Link’s Awakening Sequel We Never Got《蒂莫西与神秘森林》看起来像我们从未见过的《塞尔达传说:林克的觉醒》
Robbie Lakeman Is Apparently The New Donkey Kong World Record Holder罗比·莱克曼显然是新版《大金刚》游戏的世界记录持有者
Super Mario Odyssey Player Discovers Brand New Wall Clip Glitch《超级马里奥奥德赛》玩家发现全新的墙壁视频
Jump Force Deluxe Edition Arrives On Switch This August《跳跃力量豪华版》今年8月登陆Switch
Pokémon GO Appears To Be Incorrectly Banning iPhone Users《精灵宝可梦GO》似乎禁止iPhone用户
Nintendo Clamps Down On The Sale Of Characters And Items In Animal Crossing: New Horizons For Real Money任天堂惩罚出售《动森》中的角色和物品在现实世界赚钱
The Super Game Boy Is Now 26 Years OldSuper Game Boy 26岁了
Sports Brawler HyperBrawl Tournament Is Getting A Revamped Release On Switch运动格斗游戏《超竞技联赛》将于今年夏天在Switch推出
The Remake Of The Classic Cel-Shaded Shooter XIII Launches This November卡通渲染风格FPS《代号13:重制版》11月10日发售
Fantasy-Action Battle Royale RPG Spellbreak Announced For Switch皇家RPG 《魔法吃鸡》宣布登陆Switch
Pokémon GO Is Ending Support For Older Android Devices In Its August Update《口袋妖怪GO》8月更新将停止对旧安卓设备的支持
It’s Been One Year Since Banjo-Kazooie Was Revealed For Smash Bros. Ultimate班卓熊和卡佐伊来到《任天堂明星大乱斗》已经一年了
Mega Man Legends Composer Wants To Crowdfund The Third Entry《洛克人传奇3》配乐问玩家是否想众筹续作
Biped Struts Its Stuff On Switch In July, With New Online Co-op In The Works《Biped只只大冒险》7月份登陆任天堂主机,并包含合作模式
Mario’s One-Time Rival Alex Kidd Is Getting A Timely Revival马里奥的一次性竞品游戏《Alex Kidd》即将复活
Konami’s Cowboy Classic Sunset Riders Is Galloping To Switch This WeekKonami的开创性街机射击游戏《日落骑士》本周登陆任天堂Switch
New Video Shows Super Nintendo World’s Spinning Coins In Action任天堂的超级旋转硬币正在旋转
Switch Fighter Aims To Turn Your Switch Into A Table-Top Arcade SystemSwitch Fighter的目标是把你的开关变成一个桌面街机系统
Rumour: Animal Crossing: New Horizons Has Reportedly Been Downloaded More Than 10 Million TimesFami通称《动物森友会》下载数超过1000万次
Monolith Soft Celebrates 10 Years Of Xenoblade Chronicles With Special ArtworkMonolith Soft庆祝《异度神剑》诞生10周年发布官方纪念图
Easy Day Studios Bails On Original Release Date For Skater XLEasy Day Studios透露《Skater XL》在游戏机上的发布日期被推迟
The Emulation Experts At M2 Developed The Namcot CollectionM2版的模拟专家开发了纳默柯收藏
Xenoblade Chronicles Creator Expresses Interest In Smaller-Scale Project高桥哲哉:想继续拓展《异度之刃》系列 也会考虑小规模作品
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Adds Cute Summer And Winter-Solstice Seasonal Items《动森》上线夏至/冬至特别商品,夏至花冠和冬至毛衣
Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Demon’s Tier+ Launches On Switch TomorrowRoguelike地下爬行者游戏《恶魔层+》将于明天发售
Minecraft Dungeons Knocks Animal Crossing Off The Top Of The eShop Charts《我的世界地下城》NS美服登顶畅销榜,超过《动森》
Turn-Based Strategy Game Inkulinati Needs Your Help To Launch On Switch基于转向的战略游戏《Inkulinati》登陆任天堂Switch需要你的帮助
Mystery Gift Galarian Corsola Now Available In Pokémon Sword And Shield《精灵宝可梦剑/盾》可以领取神秘礼物Galarian Corsola
After 27 Years, Westone’s Clockwork Aquario Is Finally Getting A Release In 2020幻之作品《发条水瓶座》将于年内登陆PS4/NS