The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Cross 28 Million Units Sold Worldwide《巫师3:狂猎》全球销量2800万套
Final Fantasy VII Remake’s New Game Plus Options Offer a Variety of Challenges《最终幻想7》重制版的新游戏+选项提供了各种挑战
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV Hits PS4 in North America and Europe This Fall《英雄传说 闪之轨迹4》将于今年秋天在北美和欧洲登陆PS4
Funky Music-Centric Action Title No Straight Roads Arrives on June 30th音乐+动作,《革命曲途》将于6月30日上映
New Book About BioWare’s 25-Year History to Feature Insight on Canceled Projects关于BioWare的25年历史的新书,以洞察被取消的游戏为特色
5 Features the PS5 Should Definitely Have at Launch盘点索尼PS5主机发布时必须得有的5大功能
The Latest PS5 Specs ‘Leak’ Comes From… a Picture of a Pigeon?最新的PS5规格“泄露”来自……一张鸽子的照片?