Google Teams With NVIDIA on New Cloud Computing Offerings谷歌与英伟达合作推出新的云计算产品
Facebook Officially Failed to Copy TikTok and PinterestFacebook正式未能复制TikTok和Pinterest
KFC Is Launching the KFConsole in November肯德基将于11月推出KFConsole 主机
Amazon Launches Crucible Its First PC Game亚马逊推出首款大型游戏《熔炉》
SpaceX’s First Manned Mission to Space Gets Its Launch Date: May 27SpaceX首次载人太空飞行任务发射日期:5月27日
T-Mobile to Phase Out Sprint  Brand This Summer美国电信大并购收尾,T-Mobile将于今夏关闭Sprint品牌
NBCUniversal Unveils Originals Available at Launch of PeacockNBCUniversal在“孔雀”发布时会提供一系列原创节目
Qualcomm Should Be Scared of These 2 Words That Apple Just Uttered高通应该对苹果刚才说的这两个词感到害怕
Nike Launches Early Promotional Batch of Air Jordan 5 Shoes as Michael Jordan Documentary Begins迈克尔乔丹纪录片《最后一舞》首播之际,耐克推出早期宣传批次的Air Jordan 5 Fire Red
SpaceX Wins Intelsat Launch ContractSpaceX公司赢得国际通信卫星组织发射合同
Apple Gets Hit With $1.2 Billion Fine苹果公司被罚款12亿美元
SpaceX Seeks $16 Billion in Government Subsidies for Satellite Internet ProjectSpaceX星链争夺160亿美元政府宽带补贴
Nike’s Converse Brand Introduces a Genderless Clothing Line性别模糊化成大趋势?Converse 推出无性别服装系列
Google G Suite Milestone: Surpasses the 2 Billion User Mark谷歌宣布G Suite已迎来超过20亿月活用户
Amazon Go’s Cashierless Tech Coming to an Airport Near You亚马逊Go的无收银员技术来到你附近的机场
Beyond Meat Rolls Out Breakfast Sausages Nationwide超越肉类在全国范围内推出早餐香肠
PayPal Aspires to Reach 1 Billion UsersPayPal的愿望是达到10亿用户
FedEx CFO to Retire Before Year’s End联邦快递首席财务官将在年底前退休
Walmart Hiring 500 More Truck Drivers to Handle Online Sales Growth沃尔玛招500多名卡车司机来处理在线销售增长
Try These 8 Tips for Working Remotely试试这8个远程工作技巧吧
Olay Is the Latest Company to Quit Photo RetouchingOlay是最新一家停止修图的公司