SpaceX Wins Intelsat Launch ContractSpaceX公司赢得国际通信卫星组织发射合同
Apple Gets Hit With $1.2 Billion Fine苹果公司被罚款12亿美元
SpaceX Seeks $16 Billion in Government Subsidies for Satellite Internet ProjectSpaceX星链争夺160亿美元政府宽带补贴
Nike’s Converse Brand Introduces a Genderless Clothing Line性别模糊化成大趋势?Converse 推出无性别服装系列
Google G Suite Milestone: Surpasses the 2 Billion User Mark谷歌宣布G Suite已迎来超过20亿月活用户
Amazon Go’s Cashierless Tech Coming to an Airport Near You亚马逊Go的无收银员技术来到你附近的机场
Beyond Meat Rolls Out Breakfast Sausages Nationwide超越肉类在全国范围内推出早餐香肠
PayPal Aspires to Reach 1 Billion UsersPayPal的愿望是达到10亿用户
FedEx CFO to Retire Before Year’s End联邦快递首席财务官将在年底前退休
Walmart Hiring 500 More Truck Drivers to Handle Online Sales Growth沃尔玛招500多名卡车司机来处理在线销售增长
Try These 8 Tips for Working Remotely试试这8个远程工作技巧吧
Olay Is the Latest Company to Quit Photo RetouchingOlay是最新一家停止修图的公司
Burger King Flaunts Moldy Whopper in Preservative-Free Ad Campaign汉堡王停用防腐剂,拍发霉汉堡广告展示无防腐剂之美
SpaceX to Enter Space Tourism MarketSpaceX进军太空旅游市场
Will Success for “Sonic the Hedgehog” Pave the Way for More Video Game Movies?《刺猬索尼克》的成功会为更多的电子游戏电影铺平道路吗?
Want to Know What Your Heart Defibrillator Is Doing? Abbott Has an App for That想知道你的心脏除颤器在做什么吗?雅培有个专门的应用程序
Kellogg to Take On Beyond Meat With New Plant-Based Line, Incogmeato人造肉游戏再添新玩家:家乐氏推出Incogmeato食品品牌
Want a New Job in 2020? Do These 5 Things想在2020年找到新工作?这五件事你一定要做
New Research Shows Probiotics Can Help Prevent Parkinson’s新的研究表明:益生菌竟能帮助预防帕金森氏症
3 Tips for a Better Work-Life Balance in 20202020年更好地平衡工作和生活的3个小贴士
5 Reasons Job Seekers Have More Power Than They Realize求职者比他们意识到的更有权力的5个原因
Dow Jones News: Boeing Could Slash Production; Intel Acquires AI Chip Company道琼斯新闻:波音公司可能减产;英特尔收购了一家人工智能芯片公司
Tencent Resurrects Another Old App to Counter ByteDance腾讯重新启用另一款老应用,以对抗字节跳动
Walmart Tests Driverless Delivery Vehicles沃尔玛测试无人驾驶送货车
Apple Sold an Estimated $6 Billion Worth of AirPods in 2019苹果公司在2019年售出了总量价值约60亿美元的AirPods