Everyone can now use Facebook’s Google Photos export tool每个人都可以使用Facebook的将媒体传输到Google相册的工具
Autonowashing and the dangers of putting too much trust in ‘self-driving’ cars自动生态和对“自动驾驶”汽车过分信任的危险
Study: Volcanoes on Mars were to blame for massive mud flows, not lava研究:火星上的火山是大量泥流的罪魁祸首,而不是熔岩
Microsoft brings Edge’s hidden Surf Game to everyoneMicrosoft Edge 浏览器内置冲浪小游戏彩蛋
UK getting 200 mile route to test self-driving vehicles on public roads英国获得200英里的路线在公路上测试自动驾驶汽车
This researcher explains what ‘life hacking’ is all about这位研究人员解释了“生命黑客”是什么
Microsoft’s new PowerToys Run launcher is like macOS’s Spotlight for Windows 10微软的新款PowerToys Run发射器就像MacOS在Windows10上的Spotlight
This CSS library makes it easy to design Windows XP-inspired UIs这个CSS库很容易创建受Windows XP启发的用户界面
Why the smartest AI is still dumber than a toddler — and how we can fix that尽管AI被吹上了天,但它却依然没一个蹒跚学步的孩子聪明
Here’s your chance to score a brand-new Apple iPad for under $240现在你有机会以低于240美元的价格买到一台全新的苹果iPad了
Google’s new AI language models can comprehend entire books谷歌推出的新人工智能语言模型 Reformer 能够处理整本书
Microsoft is rolling out its Chromium-based Edge browser today微软今天开始推送基于Chromium内核的Edge浏览器
Tesla nosedives in Norwegian consumer satisfaction rankings — but drivers stay loyal特斯拉在挪威消费者满意度排名大幅下滑,但司机们依然忠诚
Google topped app downloads in Q4 2019, Facebook dominated the year谷歌在2019年第四季度的应用下载量位居榜首,而Facebook在这一年主导市场
How to hide your Instagram Stories from strangers如何向陌生人隐藏你的Instagram故事
Remembering Stephen Hawking on his 78th birthday: A legacy of humanity纪念斯蒂芬·霍金78岁生日:人类的遗产
Tesla Model 3 drives surge in UK’s battery-powered vehicle registrations特斯拉Model 3驱动在英国的电池动力汽车注册量激增
Samsung is working on lifelike AI-powered avatars to fill in for humans三星Neon项目首亮相:有情感、有记忆、会学习
Why Dutch Railways is following an API-first dev strategy为什么荷兰铁路会遵循api优先的发展战略
Your train is on time thanks to big data火车准时多亏大数据
ProjectDue helps keep your business affairs straight — and right now, it’s over 90% offProjectDue可以帮助你处理好商务事务——现在,它已经打1折了
If Santa screwed up, here are four late holiday deals to help make it right.如果圣诞老人把事情搞砸了,这里有四个优惠折扣可以帮助你度过难关
Here’s a lossless music player that blows away your iPhone这款个无损音乐播放器,让你的iPhone失宠