Facebook releases AI-powered tools to map the worldFacebook发布人工智能驱动工具,绘制世界地图
This site turns your selfies into Renaissance portraits这个网站把你的自拍变成了文艺复兴时期的肖像
40 years later, astronomers revisit the pulsar from ‘Unknown Pleasures’40年后,天文学家重新研究了“未知理由”中的脉冲星。
It’s 2019 and Google still can’t keep malware out of its Android app store2019年谷歌仍然无法将恶意软件从其Android应用程序商店中剔除
Twitter launches its faster, cleaner design, including new color themes推特推出更快、更清洁的设计,包括新的颜色主题
Elon Musk’s Neuralink wants you to type on your iPhone using your brain埃隆·马斯克的Neuralink要你用你的大脑在iPhone上打字
This movie gives an inside look into how Ilford makes its iconic B&W film这部电影从内部审视了伊尔福德如何制作其标志性的B&W电影
Sexual assault survivors are using this sex education app to regain confidence性侵幸存者正在利用这款性教育软件重获信心
How to use the PlayStation 4’s hidden trophy reveal (and other tricks)如何使用PlayStation4的隐藏战利品揭示(和其他技巧)
Google declutters its news tab on desktop search pages with a fresh look谷歌在桌面搜索页面上调整新闻标签,使其看上去焕然一新。
North Korea launches an ebook to teach ideology to its people朝鲜推出了一本电子书,向朝鲜人民传授意识形态
Here’s how to delete or deactivate your Snapchat account以下是如何删除或停用Snapchat账户
Cloudflare acquired an old Sun Microsystems slogan and I’m feeling nostalgic克劳德布拉斯买了一个旧的太阳微系统标语,我感觉怀旧
How to play Google’s addictive Wimbledon game on your phone or desktop如何在手机或桌面上玩谷歌令人上瘾的温布尔登游戏
Fun fact: Only 8.5% of people watch porn with the sound off有趣的是:只有8.5%的人带着声音看黄片
Here’s how to mute those Instagram Story spammers以下是如何平息那些Instagram Story spammers
Google’s taking another crack at building a social network谷歌正在再次尝试建立一个社交网络
Vaio’s SX12 proves small laptops can have all the portsVaio的SX12证明小型笔记本电脑可以容纳所有端口
Hey look, AI ruined Garfield人工智能毁了加菲尔德
Instagram will now ask you to think twice before posting profanitiesInstagram现在要求你在发表亵渎言论之前三思而后行
Pakistani politician mistakes GTA V plane footage for real life, praises pilot巴基斯坦政客将GTAV飞机镜头误入现实生活,称赞飞行员