Leaked OnePlus 8 Pro renders reveal new ‘ultramarine blue’ finish泄露一加 8 Pro渲染揭示新的“深蓝色”外观
Microsoft’s new scrolling News Bar app brings your PC back to the ‘90s微软News Bar 应用新增滚动新闻形态:梦回 90 年代
Apple accidentally confirms Tile-like AirTags name in deleted support video苹果意外发布的视频确认了蓝牙追踪器的正式名称
Apple Store leaks 4.7-inch ‘iPhone SE’ name苹果商店泄露4.7英寸“iPhone SE”的名字
MSI announces new laptops with Comet Lake H and new Nvidia GPUsMSI宣布新的笔记本电脑与彗星湖H和新的Nvidia gpu
Asus’ ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 is a gaming laptop with two screens华硕的ROG Zephyrus Duo 15是一款带有两个屏幕的游戏笔记本电脑
Apple updates iWork and iMovie with iPad trackpad support苹果升级了iWork和iMovie,支持iPad触控板
This tiny AirPods bag lets you carry your headphones like Rihanna这个小小的AirPods包让你像蕾哈娜一样把耳机带在身边
Samsung’s AKG quietly launches noise-cancelling Galaxy Buds Plus rival三星的AKG悄悄推出了Galaxy Buds Plus的对手:主动降噪耳机
Leaked image shows Apple’s Logic Pro X getting GarageBand iOS features泄露的图片显示,苹果的Logic Pro X获得了GarageBand的iOS功能
Microsoft’s new Edge vertical tabs look ideal for 16:9 screens微软的新Edge垂直选项卡看起来非常适合16:9屏幕
Good Job! lets you chaotically smash through your office complex from home《Good Job!》让你在家里就能把办公室搞得一团糟
Acer’s upcoming laptops will include AMD Ryzen 4000 mobile processors宏碁即将推出的笔记本电脑将采用AMD Ryzen 4000移动处理器
Kana Quest is a great puzzle game that just so happens to also teach you JapaneseKana Quest是一款很棒的益智游戏,它可以教你日语
OnePlus 8 Pro may come in a slick seafoam green and finally have wireless chargingONEPLUS 8 PRO绿色版曝光,将实现无线充电
How to choose a free videoconference app如何选择一个免费的视频会议应用程序
Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab A offers LTE connectivity三星新推出的Galaxy Tab A提供LTE网络连接
How to find keyboard shortcuts for Zoom如何找到Zoom的键盘快捷键
Google launches a new ‘Works with Chromebook’ badge for accessories谷歌启动Works with Chromebook认证:让消费者买到放心配件
Nintendo just announced a bunch of new indie games are coming to the Switch任天堂刚刚宣布了一系列即将上市的独立游戏
Facebook reveals overhauled Oculus Quest system UIFacebook公布了经过革新的Oculus Quest系统UI更新
Motorola Edge’s curved display shown off in leaked images摩托罗拉Edge大量真机照泄漏:瀑布屏
Tag Heuer’s third-generation luxury smartwatch gets more sensors and a refined redesign泰格豪雅(Tag Heuer)的第三代豪华智能手表配备了更多传感器,并进行了精心的重新设计