One-by-one: Why is the US vote count so slow?一个接一个:为什么美国的投票如此缓慢?
Biden close to U.S. election victory as a defiant Trump vows to fight拜登即将在美国大选中获胜,这是特朗普的挑衅誓言
Biden on the cusp of U.S. election victory as Trump presses unfounded fraud claims拜登即将在美国大选中获胜,特朗普正在推行毫无根据的欺诈指控
Biden on verge of winning U.S. presidency, leads in Pennsylvania, Georgia拜登即将赢得美国总统职位,在乔治亚州宾夕法尼亚州领先
Trump gains with Latinos, loses some white voters – exit polls特朗普在拉丁裔选民中获胜,失去了一些白人选民—出口民调
Trump support eroding among older voters, up with Latinos – exit polls特朗普支持随着拉丁裔的退出民调,老年选民的支持率有所下降
Trump showing new strength with Latinos, losing some older voters -exit polls特朗普在拉丁裔选民中表现出了新的力量,失去了一些老选民的退出民调
Trump showing new strength with Latinos, losing some older voters – exit polls特朗普在拉丁裔选民中表现出了新的实力,失去了一些老选民—出口民调
Tweak how Budget 2020 grocery vouchers are distributed 如何分配2020年预算食品券
Employees in areas under movement control order must work from home: Malaysian senior minister马来西亚高级部长:受调度令管制的地区的雇员必须在家工作
Step up screening of diabetes among Singaporeans, especially the young加强新加坡人,特别是年轻人的糖尿病筛查
Malaysia’s king says no need to declare State of Emergency, tells politicians to stop politicking马来西亚国王表示没有必要宣布紧急状态,并要求政界人士停止政治活动
Volunteer in Oxford Covid vaccine test dies in Brazil: Officials官员们:牛津Covid疫苗测试志愿者在巴西去世
Disney prefaces some older films with warning of ‘racist’ stereotypes迪士尼预先面对一些旧电影,警告人们不要改变种族主义陈规定型观念
Biden attacks Trump’s Covid-19 response as two rivals hold separate town halls拜登抨击特朗普的Covid-19反应,因为两个对手分别设有市政厅
An ‘awe walk’ might do wonders for your well-being“敬畏漫步”可能对你的幸福产生奇效
Instagram expands shopping to IGTV and Reels in move that mimics China’s popular social commerce modelInstagram将购物扩展到IGTV和Reels,模仿中国流行的社会商业模式
China in talks with WHO over assessing its coronavirus vaccines for global use中国正与世卫组织就评估其冠状病毒疫苗供全球使用进行谈判
What’s special about bat viruses? What we don’t know could hurt us蝙蝠病毒有什么特殊之处?我们不知道的东西会伤害我们
Facebook, Twitter take action over Trump’s misleading Covid-19 postsFacebook和Twitter上对特朗普误导性的Covid-19帖子采取行动
Six months after shutting its borders, Australia to allow New Zealanders to enter在关闭边境六个月后,澳大利亚允许新西兰人入境
Tall order: Workers brave harsh climate to disinfect Mount Kinabalu trail after climber tests positive for Covid-19高阶命令:在登山者测试Covid-19阳性后,工作人员冒着严寒的气候来消毒金纳巴鲁山遗迹
Jobseekers’ Diaries: After tears and months of preparation, my job search finally paid off失业者日记:在泪水和几个月的准备之后,我的求职终于得到了回报。
Trump adviser Hope Hicks tests positive for the coronavirus特朗普顾问霍普·希克斯对冠状病毒检测呈阳性
Malaysia reports 287 new Covid-19 cases, biggest daily jump马来西亚报告了287起新的Covid-19病例,最大单日涨幅
Malaysian leaders draw flak after post-election virus jump马来西亚领导人在选举后病毒爆发后受到抨击
Wildfires rip through California wine country, tens of thousands flee野火肆虐加州葡萄酒之乡,数万人逃离家园
No clear link between school opening and Covid-19 surge, study finds研究发现,开学与Covid-19激增之间没有明显的联系
4,000 dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets found dead in boxes at logistics depot in China4,000只狗、猫、兔子和其他宠物被发现死在中国物流仓库的箱子里
Covid-19: The war is not doneCovid-19:战争还没有结束
World’s first patient cured of HIV dies after cancer returns世界上第一个治愈的艾滋病毒患者在癌症复发后死亡
UAE records highest daily Covid-19 tally since outbreakUAE录得自暴发以来每日Covid-19最高记录
Emulate Maxwell Food Centre’s standard of cleanliness仿效麦克斯韦尔食品中心的清洁标准
Home-made origami face masks may fit better than commercial ones, study suggests研究表明,自制的折纸面膜可能比商业面膜更适合。
Shell plans to cut up to 9,000 jobs in transition plan壳牌计划在过渡计划中削减9,000个职位
Malaysia’s Covid-19 cases crosses 11,000 mark, bulk of cases from Sabah马来西亚Covid-19例病例超过1.1万马克,大部分病例来自Sabah
Trump starts ‘quarantine process’ after aide Hope Hicks tests positive for coronavirus在霍普·希克斯(Hope Hicks)对冠状病毒检测呈阳性后,特朗普启动了“检疫程序”。
Act against hotel that offered dirty rooms to guests on stay-home notices 反对在住家通知下为客人提供脏房间
Malaysia power struggle set to drag on as king recuperates in hospital马来西亚政府的权力斗争将拖累马来西亚国王疗养院
Putrajaya announces Covid-19 lockdown in Sabah’s Lahad Datu, Tawau, Kunak and SempornaPutrajaya宣布在Sabah’s Lahad Datu、Tawau、Kunak和Simporna关闭Covid-19
Disney to cut 28,000 US employees due to Covid-19迪士尼将裁减2.8万名美国员工
The Arctic hasn’t been this warm for 3 million years — that spells big changes for the Earth北极已经300万年没有这么温暖了——这意味着地球的巨大变化。
Singapore’s use of facial verification in ID scheme stirs privacy fears新加坡在身份验证方案中使用面部验证引发了隐私担忧
Chinese city orders taxi drivers to remove tattoos (for the women and children)中国城市要求出租车司机去除纹身(为妇女和儿童)
Pool bookings: SportSG to consider moving swimmers to next slot if weather, capacity limits allow 泳池预订:如果天气、容量限制允许,SG考虑将游泳运动员移到下一个投币口。
Covid-19 infection already in community, not just in Sabah: M’sian health officialCovid-19感染已经存在于社区,而不只是沙巴:M’sia卫生官员
Cats shed more than dogs. The coronavirus, not fur.猫比狗还多. 冠状病毒不是毛皮.
IATA reduces air traffic outlook as Covid-19 crisis drags on随着Covid-19危机持续,空运协会减少了航空运输前景
Antibacterial door handles, 3D printed face masks: Practical, whimsical designs for Covid-19防菌门把手,3D打印面罩:实用新奇的设计Covid-19
Some of Hong Kong’s poor finally feel at home in 290 sq ft modules在290平方英尺的住宅里,有些穷人终于感到家境不佳.
Singaporean tickles in ‘debate’ parody on why it’s better to be in Malaysia during Covid-19新加坡人对于为什么留在马来西亚更好在科维德-19期间的“辩论”戏谑
From cars to jewellery, China’s shoppers are spending again从汽车到首饰,中国消费者又开始花钱
Beijing passes law to protect medical whistleblowers北京通过法律保护医疗举报人
Be flexible and allow changes to ActiveSG swimming pool bookings灵活,允许更改ActiveSG的游泳池预订
Jobseekers’ Diaries: How I turned my futile job search around乔布塞克斯的日记:如何扭转我徒劳无益的找工作
The age of electric cars is dawning ahead of schedule电动车时代提前到来
Google Maps shows Covid-19 hot spots谷歌地图显示Covid-19热点
Microsoft says TikTok buyout offer rejected微软表示,TikTok收购提议被拒绝
AstraZeneca shares gain as coronavirus vaccine trials resume随着冠状病毒疫苗试验的恢复,阿斯利康公司的股价上涨
China bans German pork imports after African swine fever case非洲猪瘟发生后,中 国禁止进口德国猪肉
Scientists confounded by new findings on universe’s mysterious dark matter科学家们对关于宇宙神秘暗物质的新发现感到困惑
For successful ageing, pick up the pace or mix it up为成功衰老,加快速度或混合