ControlZee raises $3 million for ‘massively interactive swarm games’ControlZee为“大规模互动的群体游戏”筹集了300万美元
Facebook advances VR rendering quality with neural 4×4 supersamplingFacebook通过神经网络4×4超采样提高VR渲染质量
Facebook’s MARGE AI summarizes and translates documents without fine-tuningFacebook的MARGE AI不需要微调就能总结和翻译文档
Hi Marley raises $8 million for its AI messaging platform that connects insurers with customersHi Marley为其连接保险公司和客户的人工智能信息平台筹集了800万美元
Researchers use AI and simulation to optimize ride-sharing earnings研究人员利用人工智能和模拟来优化乘车共享收益
Facebook claims wav2vec 2.0 tops speech recognition performance with 10 minutes of labeled dataFacebook宣称wav2vec 2.0在10分钟标注数据的情况下,语音识别性能名列前茅
Waymo and Uber propose AI techniques to improve self-driving systemsWaymo和Uber提出了改善自动驾驶系统的人工智能技术
EA Play 2020: Everything announcedEA Play 2020:公布的所有消息
Researchers demo VR finger tracking that recognizes air-drawn passcodes研究人员演示了VR手指追踪功能,识别空中手写
Google builds AI agent that learns to generalize to new environments by ignoring distractions谷歌建立人工智能代理,通过忽视分散注意力学会总结新环境
AI-powered LucidPix 3D photo app launches after a million beta downloads测试版下载量就达到了100万次,AI驱动的LucidPix 3D照片应用上线了
DeepMind’s AI system finds its way around simulated cities it hasn’t seen beforeDeepMind的人工智能系统在模拟城市中找到了自己未曾见过的路
Salt Security raises $20 million to protect APIs with AISalt Security筹集2,000万美元用于人工智能保护API
Apprentice raises $7.5 million to expedite lab work with AI and ARApprentice筹集了750万美元,以加快人工智能和AR的实验室工作
AI model creates 3D avatars from a person’s pictureAI模型从一个人的照片中创建3D虚拟人物
Epic Games seeking to sell stake for $750 million at $17 billion valuationEpic Games寻求以170亿美元的估值出售7.5亿美元的股份
Search engines are leveraging AI to improve their language understanding搜索引擎正在利用人工智能来提高他们的语言理解
The Core i9-10900K reveals why Intel still matters核心i9-10900K揭示了英特尔为何仍然重要
Nvidia researchers propose technique to transfer AI trained in simulation to the real worldNvidia研究人员提出了将模拟训练过的人工智能传输到现实世界的技
Sony isn’t just betting on the PlayStation 5索尼并没有把所有的鸡蛋都放在PS5的篮子里
Free Fire sets record with 80 million daily players for free-to-play mobile battle royale《Free Fire》创造了8000万日活记录
IronSource adds creative insights to its user acquisition platformIronSource为其用户获取平台增添了创造性的见解
Amazon’s AI tool can plan collision-free paths for 1,000 warehouse robots亚马逊的AI工具可以为1000个仓库机器人规划无碰撞路径
Epic Games: Unreal Engine 5 will bring a generational change to graphicsEpic Games正式宣布面向新一代游戏主机的“虚幻引擎5”
Alienware beefs up its gaming rigs with the latest cooling, processors, and graphicsAlienware配备了最新的冷却系统、处理器和图形处理系统,大大提升了游戏平台的性能
Lilt raises $25 million for AI enterprise translation toolsLILT宣布2500万美元B轮融资,英特尔领投
Spatial gives enterprises free access to holographic AR/VR meeting appSpatial让企业免费使用全息AR/VR会议应用
Workvivo raises $16 million to reinvent the intranet in the age of Slack and ZoomWorkvivo筹集了1600万美元,以在Slack和Zoom时代彻底改造内部网