Facebook’s Fake ‘Crypto’ Is “A Fiat-Money Clone”脸书的“加密”是“菲亚特-金钱克隆”
Morgan Stanley: “A 25bps Cut Won’t Be Seen As Aggressive, And Will Disappoint The Market”摩根士丹利:“一个25bps的减少不会让市场变得激进,也会让市场失望。”
PFAS Crisis Expands As Millions Of Americans In 43 States Are Exposed To Toxic Chemicals美国43个州数百万人接触有毒化学品,PFAS危机愈演愈烈
60% Of US Equity Assets Are Already Parked In Passive Vehicles, Quants Control Another 20%美国60%的股权资产已停放在被动车辆上,全资控制另外20%
“Abrupt, Alarming” Leveraged Loan Collapse Highlights Fragile Nature Of Credit Markets债台高筑,信贷市场脆弱不堪
Libra As A Competitor To Inflationary Central Banks天秤座成为发财的中央银行
What Was It All For: Veterans Have Finally Turned On America’s Endless Wars美国老兵们终于结束了无休止的战争
Most Americans Still See American Dream As Achievable大多数美国人仍然认为美国梦是可以实现的
Philly Fed Survey Soars To 12-Month Highs, Jumps Most In A Decade美联储调查将延长到12个月,跃升最多十年
Cryptos Are Crashing As Libra Hearing Ends, Bitcoin Back Below $10k比特币价格低于10k美元
Stocks Rebound As Powell Reiterates Dovish Fed Outlook In Paris Speech股市反弹Powell>重拾美联储在巴黎演讲时的前景
“This Is A Fraud” – WeWork Co-Founder Cashes Out $700M As IPO Looms“这是诈骗”——WeWork联合创始人-Founder Cashes Out$7000M的IPO Looms
Dollar Doldrums & Low-Delta Lottery Tickets美元彩券&低三角彩票