If You Really Understand Disruption, Start By Demolishing Your Organization’s Silos如果你真的理解干扰,从拆除你的组织的粮仓开始
Council Post: Crisis Management When Everything Is A Crisis理事会职位:当一切都是危机时的危机管理
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Council Post: AI And Experience-Based Decisions: Where Marketers Can Genuinely Shine理事会职位:人工智能和基于经验的决定:市场营销人员可以在哪里真正闪亮
Council Post: Structure Equals Comfort: Four Effective Leadership Strategies理事会职位:结构平等舒适:四项有效的领导战略
Council Post: Mass Adoption Of Virtual-Care Solutions During Covid-19 Is Bringing Quality To The Forefront理事会职位:在COVID – 19期间大规模采用虚拟护理解决方案,正把质量放在首要位置
Council Post: Why It’s Invaluable When People Say ‘I’ve Heard Of You’理事会帖子:当人们说“我听说了年轻人”时,为什么这很有价值
After Falwell, Liberty University To Split The Roles Of Chancellor and President在法尔韦尔之后, Liberty大学将划分校长和校长的角色
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Council Post: Curiosity Could Be Described As The Antidote To Blame安理会帖子:好奇心可以被描述为解决问题的办法
Council Post: Can A Company’s Culture Be The Main Driver Of Its Success?理事会职位:公司的文化能否成为其成功的主要驱动力?
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