More than 1,000 new homes in north Manchester – including some affordable housing – set for sign off在曼彻斯特北部有1000多套新房子——包括一些价格适中的住房——准备出售。
Study suggests regular hot baths are associated with improving various risk factors for type 2 diabetes研究表明,定期热浴有助于改善2型糖尿病的各种危险因素
Average person with type 1 diabetes will live 8 years less, and those with type 2 diabetes 2 years less: study平均1型糖尿病患者寿命要少8岁,2型糖尿病患者寿命少2年:
Long Way Up docuseries: Actor Ewan McGregor rekindles biker bromance剧情类续集:演员伊万·麦格雷戈重燃摩托车手风范
WATCH: Steelers rookie WR Chase Claypool torches Broncos on gorgeous 84-yard touchdownWATCH:钢人队新秀WR Chase Claypool 火炬勃朗科斯,绚烂84码触地得分
Solskjaer: We need to take a look at ourselves索尔斯克亚:我们需要审视一下自己
Focusing on cause, not effect, could unblock Alzheimer’s research, scientists hope科学家希望,专注于原因而不是效果,能够解开阿尔茨海默症的研究。
Emmy Awards: Succession wins best drama series艾美奖:继任获得最佳剧情类剧集
Mason Plumlee roasted for his terrible defense on final play of Game 2梅森·普卢姆勒因为在第二场比赛的最后一场比赛中糟糕的防守而饱受诟病
Manchester United must listen to their own players over squad depth曼彻斯特联队必须倾听队员们的意见
Messi’s former agent reveals he was tempted to join Arsenal梅西的前经纪人表明他很想加入阿森纳
Trincao: Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a ball at my feet特里卡诺:从我记事起,我的脚边就有一个球。
West Ham XI vs Hull City: Confirmed team news, predicted lineup, latest injuries for Carabao Cup tie西汉姆联队对阵赫尔城:球队消息,预测阵容,最新伤势的卡拉巴奥杯比赛
Bale is in London to join Tottenham, but he’s injured for a month!贝尔在伦敦加盟托特纳姆, 但他伤了一个月!