New analysis of one billion leaked credentials reveals that most people reuse weak passwords对10亿个被泄露证书的新分析显示,大多数人重复使用弱密码
Fastest-growing black hole devours about one sun every day增长最快的黑洞每天吞噬一个太阳
Elon Musk mocks regulators, short-sellers as Tesla soars特斯拉股价上涨,埃隆·马斯克嘲笑监管机构和做空者
Botswana reports mysterious deaths of hundreds of elephants博茨瓦纳报道了数百头大象的神秘死亡
How to watch the ‘buck moon’ lunar eclipse over the July 4 weekend如何观看7月4日那个周末的“麋鹿月”月食
Here’s how Apple’s new Car Key feature works and when you’ll be able to use it以下是苹果的新Car Key关键功能是如何工作的,以及你什么时候可以使用它
Google Discontinues the Pixel 3a, Still Won’t Release the 4a谷歌确认Pixel 3a系列停产,仍然不会发布4a
A Rare, Ultra-Bright Star Has Disappeared Without a Trace一颗罕见的超亮恒星消失得无影无踪
Evolution drives greater risks of mitochondrial disease in males, fruit fly study suggests果蝇研究表明,进化增加了雄性线粒体疾病的风险
New Motorola Razr to support 5G and have 48MP camera, per leaked specs根据泄露的规格,新款摩托罗拉Razr将支持5G,并拥有4800万像素的摄像头
Chrome OS preparing Steam gaming support, starting with 10th Gen Intel ChromebooksChrome OS准备从第十代英特尔Chromebook开始支持Steam游戏
Novel software reveals molecular barcodes that distinguish different cell types新型软件揭示区分不同细胞类型的分子条码
Strange New Species Discovered in Abyss at The Bottom of The Pacific Ocean在太平洋底的深渊中发现奇怪的新物种
New study shows iconic golden eagle was once common throughout Wales新的研究表明,标志性的金鹰曾经在威尔士随处可见