USB 4 specs and features: Everything you need to know about the new double-speed USBUSB 4规格和功能:关于新的双速USB你需要知道的一切
Top home entertainment solutions to get you through lockdown最好的家庭娱乐解决方案,让你度过封锁, Expedia provider exposed data for millions of guestsHotels . com , Expedia提供商公布了数百万客人的数据
Sony PS5: It’s not too late, here’s where to buy the next-gen gaming console索尼PS5 :现在还不算太晚,以下是购买下一代游戏游戏机的地方
Did Libertarian Candidate Jo Jorgensen Lose 40K Votes in 10 Minutes in Pennsylvania?自由意志派候选人乔·奥尔根森(Jo Jorgensen)在宾夕法尼亚州的10分钟内损失了4000张选票吗?
Hollie Arnold hopes to inspire I’m A Celebrity viewers after Paralympic success霍莉·阿诺德希望在残奥会成功后激励我成为名人观众
Furries recreate Four Seasons Total Landscaping in VR as a hangout spot弗雷斯在VR重新创造了四季的景观,作为一个机库
Thursday’s top deals: $80 espresso maker, $90 portable projector, $200 Chromebook bundle and more周四的最高交易: 80美元的Espresso制造商, 90美元的便携式投影仪, 200美元的Chromebook捆绑等等
PS5 launch sales will be online onlyPS5的发布销售将只在网上进行
Carmakers want to ditch battery packs, use auto bodies for energy storage汽车制造商希望放弃电池盒,使用汽车身体储存能源
Tesla Tequila is now a real product and it’s already sold out特斯拉Tequila现在是一款真正的产品,它已经售出
Hummingbird Ventures raises $200m for seed, opportunity fundsHummingbird Ventures为种子基金和机会基金筹集了2亿美元
DC Comics Has a New Editor in Chief: Marie JavinsDC漫画的主编是玛丽·贾文斯
New Chronology of the Saturn Planetary System土星行星系统的新年表
Granit Xhaka’s “heart was gone from Arsenal” before Mikel Arteta arrived在米克尔·阿尔特塔抵达之前, Granit Xhaka的《心离开了阿森纳》
Dad fighting for life after agonising ear pain which turned out to be meningitis父亲痛苦的耳朵疼痛被证明是脑膜炎后为生命而战
Roy Keane makes bold Premier League prediction ahead of Man City v Liverpool罗伊·凯恩在曼城vs 利物浦之前做出了大胆的英超预测