The New Moto Razr Launches February 6th After Short Delay新款摩托罗拉Razr在短暂延迟后于2月6日发布
Scientists create first ‘living machines’ called xenobots科学家首次创造了被称为“异种机器人”的“活机器”
Apple reveals worldwide national security requests for customer data苹果透露全球范围内各国对客户数据的安全要求
SpaceX Passes Last Big Test Before Sending Astronauts Into Space在将宇航员送入太空之前,SpaceX公司通过了最后一次重大测试
Clam shell study issues dire warning over Arctic sea ice melt蛤壳研究对北极冰层融化发出可怕警告
Google designed an envelope you can use to hide your phone from yourself谷歌设计了一个可以用来藏手机的信封
Should Probably Buy This Google Home Hub for $53也许应该买这个谷歌家庭枢纽53美元
NASA’s Curiosity rover suffers glitch on Mars, freezes up美国宇航局的“好奇号”火星车在火星上发生故障,冻结
Fujifilm announces X-T200 camera with better video and a new tilting screen富士宣布X-T200相机,拥有更好的视频和新的倾斜屏幕