WeChat Gets Reprieve From Ban, Too微信“反封”
David Tennant narrowly beats Jodie Whittaker to be voted best ever Doctor Who大卫·坦南特以微弱优势击败了朱迪·惠特克,获选为史上最佳医生
Apple Watch Series 6 Diary: How I’m making my upgrade decision苹果手表系列6日记:我如何做出升级决定
Canon EOS Webcam software adds new cameras, video recording佳能 EOS Webcam软件增加了新的摄像头,视频记录
Apple Watches have to be returned if sized-to-fit bands don’t fit苹果手表如果尺寸不合身,必须归还
Reason why Americans call Autumn ‘Fall’ as autumnal equinox finally arrives为什么美国人把秋季称为秋分?
Grandad loses leg and almost dies after slipping in freak sandwich accident爷爷在畸形的三明治事故中摔断了腿,差点死掉
Madeleine McCann prime suspect’s lawyer says he has evidence that will clear him马德琳·麦卡恩头号嫌疑人的律师说他有证据能证明
Six people face charges for allegedly bribing Amazon staff to help sellers6人被指控贿赂亚马逊员工帮助卖家
Carbon nanotubes developed for super efficient desalination开发用于高效脱盐处理的碳纳米管
CRISTAL: New Polar Ice and Snow Topography MissionCRISTAL:新极地冰与雪地貌任务
Evolutionary paths: Scientists find new patterns in protein evolution进化路径:科学家发现蛋白质进化的新模式
Chemists develop ‘smart cells’ with potential to treat illness at cellular level化学家发展“智能细胞”,有可能在细胞水平上治疗疾病
Enter to win a tablet with CNET’s The Apple Core giveaway*用CNET的《苹果核》赢得平板电脑*
The OnePlus 8T will be revealed on October 14thOnePlus8T将于10月14日公布
Trump approves TikTok deal with Oracle and Walmart ‘in concept’特朗普批准TikTok与甲骨文和沃尔玛的协议
[Update: Video] Google Chrome prepares new feature that creates tab groups automatically[更新:视频]谷歌Chrome准备新功能,自动创建标签组