Google Assistant will quietly obey your light-switching commands谷歌助理会安静地服从你的灯光切换指令
How a 16-inch MacBook Pro sets the table for ARM MacBooks一个16英寸MacBook Pro如何为ARM MacBooks设定桌面
India has launched its Chandrayaan 2 mission to the moon印度向月球发射了Chandrayaan2号飞行任务
How to trick your mind to break bad habits and reach your goals如何欺骗你的头脑,打破坏习惯,达到你的目标
Light pollution’s effects on birds may help to spread West Nile virus光污染对鸟类的影响可能有助于传播西尼罗病毒
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Remote Control Dogs Are Now a Reality Thanks to This Haptic Vest远程控制狗现在成了现实
An educational augmented reality toy kids actually seem to like教育性增强现实玩具的孩子似乎喜欢
Facebook releases AI-powered tools to map the worldFacebook发布人工智能驱动工具,绘制世界地图
Uber’s $24.99 monthly subscription pass covers rides, bikes, scooters, and food deliveries优步每月支付24.99美元,包括出行、自行车、滑板车和食品配送
Indonesian adtech startup Pomona bags $3m in series A-2 roundIndonesian adtech 初创公司Pomona包在A-2系列赛上价值300万美元
Pokémon Masters hands-on — Trainer battles get real-time co-op play on iOS and Android精灵大师手牵手——训练者战可以在iOS和Android上实时合作游戏
Boris Johnson wins race to become UK’s next prime minister鲍里斯•约翰逊(Boris Johnson)赢得英国下一任首相的竞选
Tim Berners-Lee’s ‘contract’ to protect and strengthen web is taking shape蒂姆·伯纳斯-李关于保护和加强网络的“合约”正在形成