Jose Mourinho left with injured knee after Man Utd star James ploughs into him during Spurs clash sending viewers wild穆里尼奥带着受伤的膝盖离开,曼联球星詹姆斯在与热刺的比赛中撞到了他,让观众们疯狂
Messi: I voted for Mane because he is a player I love to watch梅西:我投票给马内是因为我最喜欢看他的比赛
Researchers create lung ‘blueprint’ that could aid organ regeneration人造器官正在接近现实,科学家成功绘制人类肺部细胞蓝图
Two Huge Chonky Cats Turn Up At Shelter Around The Same Time两只巨型肥猫同时出现在收容所
Qualcomm’s new chipset promises better AR and VR anywhere高通新芯片设备有望改善AR和VR体验
Ansu Fati signs new three-year Barcelona contract with £144m release clause aged 17… that will rise to £339m17岁的安苏·法蒂与巴塞罗那签订了一份为期三年的新合同,其中包含1.44亿英镑的解约条款,这一数字将升至3.39亿英镑
Varane following the perfect plan瓦兰遵循着完美的计划
20 Things Bondi Beach Lifeguards Will Never Share With Tourists In Australia在澳大利亚,邦迪海滩救生员永远不会和游客分享的20件事
Freddie Ljungberg: Arsenal’s confidence at rock bottom after Brighton defeat永贝里:布赖顿输球后,阿森纳的信心跌至谷底
American Airlines launches ‘Web Special’ pricing for business and first-class awards美国航空公司为商务舱和头等舱提供了“网络特价”定价
Wilfried Zaha: Crystal Palace wingers deserves to play for top club, says Italian football agent扎哈:水晶宫边锋应该为顶级俱乐部效力,意大利足球经纪人说
Joel Matip and Fabinho miss Liverpool Club World Cup campaign乔尔·马蒂普和法比尼奥错过了利物浦世俱杯的比赛
GM and LG team up to build EV batteries in the US通用汽车与LG化学在美成立电池合资公司
Villain-Filled Mulan Trailer Gets Down To Business To Defeat The Huns《花木兰》预告片中大反派陆续出场,木兰带军霸气抵抗匈奴入侵