Google Assistant will quietly obey your light-switching commands谷歌助理会安静地服从你的灯光切换指令
How a 16-inch MacBook Pro sets the table for ARM MacBooks一个16英寸MacBook Pro如何为ARM MacBooks设定桌面
Manchester United could be about to revolutionise their team with a transfer曼联可能会通过调职来彻底改变他们的团队
India has launched its Chandrayaan 2 mission to the moon印度向月球发射了Chandrayaan2号飞行任务
Manchester United class of 92 cannot be repeated, says Scott McTominay曼联92类不能重复,说麦克托米奈。
Ralph Hasenhuttl expects more Southampton players to leave before season starts哈森许特尔预计更多的南安普敦球员在赛季开始前离开
Bruno Fernandes cannot be replaced, says Sporting Lisbon head coach Marcel Keizer布鲁诺-费尔南德斯不能替补,里斯本竞技主教练M.科泽尔
Atletico Madrid ask La Liga to block Antoine Griezmann’s Barcelona registration马德里竞技请西甲阻挡安东尼.格列兹曼巴塞罗那注册
Steve Bruce contract details leaked to Newcastle, Sheffield Wednesday believe史蒂夫·布鲁斯的合同细节泄露给了纽卡斯尔,谢周三相信
Chelsea’s Jake Clarke-Salter joins Birmingham on season-long loan切尔西杰克·克拉克·索尔特加入伯明翰
Bayern Munich working hard for ‘dream signing’ Leroy Sane, says head coach Niko Kovac拜仁慕尼黑(Bayern Munich)表示:勒鲁瓦.萨内,主教练尼科.科瓦奇。
Paul Pogba no problem on Manchester United tour, says Ole Gunnar Solskjaer保罗·博格巴在曼联旅游期间没有问题,奥尔·冈纳尔·索尔斯克亚。
Kieran Trippier hails ‘incredible’ Atletico Madrid team and fans基兰·特里皮尔很棒的球队和球迷马德里竞技>