Average person with type 1 diabetes will live 8 years less, and those with type 2 diabetes 2 years less: study平均1型糖尿病患者寿命要少8岁,2型糖尿病患者寿命少2年:
Long Way Up docuseries: Actor Ewan McGregor rekindles biker bromance剧情类续集:演员伊万·麦格雷戈重燃摩托车手风范
Apple Watches have to be returned if sized-to-fit bands don’t fit苹果手表如果尺寸不合身,必须归还
Reason why Americans call Autumn ‘Fall’ as autumnal equinox finally arrives为什么美国人把秋季称为秋分?
Hardy Hits All the High Notes With First Full Album《艰难时刻》以首张全套专辑
Grandad loses leg and almost dies after slipping in freak sandwich accident爷爷在畸形的三明治事故中摔断了腿,差点死掉
Madeleine McCann prime suspect’s lawyer says he has evidence that will clear him马德琳·麦卡恩头号嫌疑人的律师说他有证据能证明
Nike Air Force 1 Part of the ‘Live Together, Play Together’ Pack耐克空军“团结生活,团结一心”的一部分
Nike Air Max 97 Coming Soon in Black and Metallic Gold耐克Air Max 97
WATCH: Steelers rookie WR Chase Claypool torches Broncos on gorgeous 84-yard touchdownWATCH:钢人队新秀WR Chase Claypool 火炬勃朗科斯,绚烂84码触地得分
These Cannabis Brands Aren’t Puff Puff Passing on Activism这些大麻品牌不是帕夫·帕夫通过活动主义
Six people face charges for allegedly bribing Amazon staff to help sellers6人被指控贿赂亚马逊员工帮助卖家
Solskjaer: We need to take a look at ourselves索尔斯克亚:我们需要审视一下自己