Intel is Jio Platforms’ newest investor with $253m injection英特尔是Jio平台的最新投资者,注资2.53亿美元
New analysis of one billion leaked credentials reveals that most people reuse weak passwords对10亿个被泄露证书的新分析显示,大多数人重复使用弱密码
ControlZee raises $3 million for ‘massively interactive swarm games’ControlZee为“大规模互动的群体游戏”筹集了300万美元
Fastest-growing black hole devours about one sun every day增长最快的黑洞每天吞噬一个太阳
Elon Musk mocks regulators, short-sellers as Tesla soars特斯拉股价上涨,埃隆·马斯克嘲笑监管机构和做空者
Botched restoration of painting西班牙名画复制品遭毁容式修复
Research Reveals the Negative Impacts of Eating Alone研究揭示一个人吃饭的负面影响
Zuoyebang Raises $750M in Funding作业帮逆势募集7.5亿美元
Dead Cells Has Now Sold 3 Million Copies, New Update Detailed《死亡细胞》销量已突破300万,更新修改很多内容
Botswana reports mysterious deaths of hundreds of elephants博茨瓦纳报道了数百头大象的神秘死亡
adidas Adizero Rose 1 ‘Bulls’ Returns for 10th Anniversary阿迪达斯发布Adizero Rose 1’Bulls’ 回归十周
How to watch the ‘buck moon’ lunar eclipse over the July 4 weekend如何观看7月4日那个周末的“麋鹿月”月食
Online dating: No one is obligated to answer you, and other hard truths在线约会:没有人有义务回答你的问题,以及其他一些残酷的事实
Here’s how Apple’s new Car Key feature works and when you’ll be able to use it以下是苹果的新Car Key关键功能是如何工作的,以及你什么时候可以使用它